Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Neighborhood Watch and New PCP.

And cam showed 2 raccoons by the back door. They aren't going under the house so I'll leave them be.

Neighborhood Watch rep came to my door this morning to let me know that a suspicious person in a partially wrecked SUV was driving up and down the street, and when asked the driver claimed he was my care person. I let him know I don't have a care person and neither do any of my neighbors. And thanked him for keeping an eye out.

Played on the Internet after breakfast and watched some mindless TV till 1:30. Then drove to my primary care clinic and met my new PCP, after a very long new patient interview by a nurse. Finally, a female MD. She went over my meds and which specialists I'm seeing. I'll stop taking Imodium.  And double my Ozempic dose. She said she will try to get me more Lantus. And a referral to an endocrinologist. I couldn't remember if I'd ever seen one so right now I checked my journal, and I've seen three, last one in 2011. All three recommended bariatric surgery. That's a FAIL. There is no way I could change my diet so drastically.

Got out at 3:30, just in time for rush hour on a Friday. Took the Flamingo bypass to Jimmy Durante, past Horserman's Park. Lots of activity there. Mostly people on horses just wandering around. Maybe there is something this weekend worth photographing.

This weekend in the Zoom version of Consonance filk con, but they don't have the Zoom link on the web site.

Watched Summer House.  Way too much drama and way too many flashbacks of prior drama.

Many shows being recorded on Tivo, will watch them later.

Spook has been spending way too much time hiding on my bedroom floor

Ma'am likes climbing up on my tummy when I'm watching TV

Plans for tomorrow:
Horsemen's Park?
Nonsonance Zoom concerts

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