Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Hot Day, stayed inside for Reasons

The first reason is my fave fishing stream was on, catching sharks as I watched. And when that was done there was a Zoom filk convention, one which I would have been at had they done it in person. Almost 100 people in the room listening to 1-hour concerts. I have a new favorite Bouzouki player/singer/songwriter.

No actual meals after breakfast. Delivered was a toaster oven, and with much re-arranging it fit right where the toaster had been. Nice toaster but useless for long sourdough or garlic bread. Toasted the last of the garlic bread and it was excellent. Will try grilled cheese soon. 

Did a load of shirts.

Also delivered was a jar of cat treats, just after I ran out.

Watched Shark Tank and 90 Day teaser. Nice to see Yara become human. Not nice to see Natalie become more of an alien with searchlight eyes.  Got about 1/4 of the way through Gold Rush. As usual way too much narration.

Getting tired of the plantation shutters on my bay windows. Need to look into having the ones in the office replaced by electric roll-down blinds.

As prescribed took a double dose of Ozempic. Appetite suppressant is working but maybe not Hgl lowering. Will see tomorrow.

Refund from Wyze came through but will wait for my IRS $ before re-ordering.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe try going to Horse park after Tim's online workshop

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