Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Echo, Bachelor

Mango for breakfast plus HB egg. Up and dressed by 8:30 - bulk pickup was already done (I'd put a lot of big boxes out there last night).  Got the recycleds and all the trash out. Recycled were picked up around 11, trash not till late PM.

Finished Gold Rush - amazing how much work the underwater river teams put in for almost no gold. It isn't easy for any of the miners but it's a lot easier to strip mine and much more lucrative if you pick the right ground.

Cardiology 2 PM appointment, got there at 1:45. $15 co-pay, this is the first time they remembered to ask for it up front. Front desk person was great, little old lady in tennis shoes type, highly organized but also very polite and knowledgeable.  Echocardiogram tech was excellent, had a long thin beard. Named Matt. He stepped through the menu on the machine, the screen was right in front of me so I saw everything. Had very little idea what I was seeing, though. The last couple of times I'd gone on this ride they shot me full of drugs which simulated being on a treadmill, but Matt said that was a different test.

Out by 2:35, then home.

Very windy all day, had to jam the chairs under the porch rails to keep them from blowing away.

Watched a couple of streamers for a bit, then Penn & Teller and finally The Bachelor. Down to 3 women, each of them says they love him, he replies with a suckface kiss but no words. He is as romantic as a tree stump. The episode starts with a visit from his estranged dad. It was not pleasant, and I do not believe it gave him any closure. Dad had reasons for walking out on his mom & brother but son was not listening.

Matt the bachelor took the three woman one at a time for a full day's "date" and the overnight stay in the Fantasy Suite. He sent home the one who did not have the strongest connection, I think.

The two who are left get to meet his mom & maybe his brother. And maybe his dad.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe a banana & ice cream run on the way home.

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