Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Day of deliveries

Banana and egg breakfast.

Wind was way too strong, took the flags inside, got a face full of mist in the process.

1 pm had my nails done, they are purple with glitter. I did not ask for glitter, I misunderstood when she asked. Blame the mask. Looks good though, subtle.

Next stop was supposed to be the PO, but there was a fire truck blocking the entrance, someone had totaled a car there and the firemen were picking up the pieces (most of the car had been towed by then). Found a mailbox on the side of the PO into which I delivered a lab test.

Pretty clouds on the way home:

Home, there was a pigeon in the cat trap. Newest pigeon repeller device was on top of the trap. I don't think it's powering on.

Car was down to 40%, so I charged it.

UPS delivered a cold pack Styrofoam box.  New MD managed to get Humana to give me almost as many vials of baseline insulin as I need. Good thing because my overnight reading was > 300. Daytime I can shoot up the fast acting stuff but not while I'm asleep.

Next delivery was the exercise bike.** And finally a USB keyboard and a USB cable for my Epson printer, which will not update over its wi-fi connection. My wireless keyboard had been missing keystrokes, usually at the start of a sentence. The wired one seems to not have that problem.

Bad weather kept my favorite streamers off-line, for the most part. Watched some Hot Bench, PTI and did some random surfing. Set up Twitch on my home theater via Amazon Fire. The video is big but the text is too small to read.

**The box was held closed with three pairs of strapping, but when I cut those loose and started removing the big copper staples it was clear the staples were not holding the box together. When I got it open, it was clear that more than just "some" assembly is required. But not $90's worth.

Streamed for a few minutes, nobody showed up. I think I'll give that a rest for a while.

Call from a recruiter with a remote job for T-Mobile testing phone apps. That would be a good fit.

The cats have been fighting all day, started before 6 am. Ma'am has Spook radar. Maybe it's time for some spray bottle behavior modification.

Fruit bowl for lunch, dinner salad then beef teriyaki. The first thing I pulled out of the freezer was General Tsao's chicken, same kind of package as the beef, but I can't eat those spices so it's in the trash.

Plans for tomorrow:
Perform the required assembly
Try not to buy anything
RPCV zoom, maybe
Nancie's cookbook panel, maybe

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