Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Oy Veh Is Mir

It was One Of Those Days™

It started with me trimming my hair, but I experienced an equipment malfunction. The clip-on attachment which keeps the cutter about 1/2 an inch from my head came off, giving me what looked like a failed attempt at topiary. It was towards the back on my left, and somehow viewing through a reflection of a reflection my brain was unable to coordinate enough to do much to smooth it out.

It'll be a minor embarassment at work till I can get to a barber.

Next was to hook my blood glucose meter to the computer to get a printout for this afternoon's doctor appointment. No matter what I did, I could not get the meter to recognize that it was connected. Had to leave for work without that. Took the meter with me in case the doc wanted to see its built-in averages.

At work, got roped into more crap that I should not have to be dealing with. Much foo ensued, which I will not bore you with here.

Had a mediocre lunch at Mongolian BBQ, and then went home, petted the cats, then headed for the barber, since I had 45 minutes. The nice man at the shop in Bailey Center off Shoreline Ave was great, he did a good job of trimming things to look intentional, and kept up a pleasant conversation to boot.

Got to the doctor's at 2:45 for a 3 o'clock appointment because it was my first visit there and I needed to fill out some paperwork. At about 3:10 was brought into the inner sanctum, had my vitals measured and then sat in the exam room for half an hour.

Excellent doctor, young, bright, good communicator, and she got my prescriptions set up in a flash, even faxed two of them over to the pharmacy (I'll have her do the rest later). I feel bad because she's good, and is looking at my long term care, and I'll be going back to Kaiser in a month. Can't tell her that, though.

Back at work, more foo.

Did some online hunting for a light gun for the PS2, found a nice wireless one for a pittance on eBay, (they make their profit in inflated handling charges, but still half of list price). The I started searching for games which can use a gun. Only found three, and only one of them at a price I was willing to pay, so that's on order. It seems that there are very few games which are just dumb shoot-em-ups. Boo, hiss! When I want mindless entertainment, I want mindless entertainment.

After dinner went to Walgreen's to pick up the prescriptions. They were just getting them done, more than 4 hours later. Not good. Then one was refused by Blue Cross because it was written for a 3-month supply. Bizarre, because the info they gave us said we got 3 months for the price of two. The clerk suggested this deal may only be for mail order. Okay, I canceled that one and will ask the doctor to set me up for mail order. Insulin can't be mail ordered, and though the copay is supposed to be $10, they wanted to charge me $25. So I canceled that too. Will have to do the math, but I may have enough insulin in the fridge to last me till I'm back on Kaiser. I'll have to take another look at Blue Cross' price list before I blow up at our agent.

Got back home and did some magic on the computer which should have fixed the glucose meter connection, but didn't. May have to phone tech support in the morning.

Which reminds me, another thing that went wrong is I phoned VTA this morning to cancel my automatic bus/rail pass subscription, and they said the person who did that wasn't in but would call me back. I never got a call back. Will try again tomorrow, as it has to be done by Friday to avoid a charge for August.

One good thing, after work I hopped on my bike and took the Stevens Creek Trail to Microsoft, and it's only a little over a mile and a half one way. Ten minutes of easy bicycling. The bad news is they only have one bike thingie at that building, only room to park 2 bikes. I'll also have to see if shorts are acceptable to wear, since it's a lot easier to bike in them. It's not enough of a ride to even breathe hard, let alone break a sweat, so no need to change or shower.    

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