Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Rainy Day shopping & exercise bike build

Read another chapter in Phantom Tollbooth before bed. So far I'm not impressed. Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz it is not. And it is more YA than I expected.

Breakfast as usual, then an early trip to Albertson's for salad greens, fruit bowls and snack cheese.

Traffic was heavy, more because it was rush hour than because of the rain. We did get about 1/4".

Home, put stuff away, tried the Laughing Cow cheeses but they were not as solid as I expected. Tasted great but didn't come out of the foil in one piece.

Decided to put the exercise bike together. It was easy, the tools and small parts are on a piece of cardboard, plastic sealed and clearly labeled. The instructions were also clear. It took less than an hour, and the only problem is the left pedal won't screw in. Seems like the threads are mangled. I went online and ordered a replacement. No idea how long that will take. The company site says they are in SoCal. But they shut down a lot of services using covid as the excuse.

Watched a lot of the S. FL fishing stream, a couple and their grade school girl were on the boat and she was totally jazzed by catching fish and the Capt. showing her how to hold them for photos.

Storm chasers were out in TX, but did not find tornadoes.

Biden signed the relief bill and made a Rose Garden speech.

On a lark I set up a stream - unattended - with the Chinese Logi camera looking out the window at the sage bush. At one point Ma'am parked on the platform by that window and one of my viewers thought it was a huge cat outside.

Goldie cat is living under the house and eating the kibble. Still have to chase the pigeons away.

I fell asleep in the recliner around 4 pm. Spook was asleep on my bed and Ma'am was asleep on the chair I used to assemble the exercycle from.

Dinner was Lean Cuisine shrimp Alfredo - very good. Made a salad first of course. Chocolate fudge swirl ice cream. Yum!

Watched PTI. I don't like Pablo as a guest host. Or Fill-in Frank. And why isn't Tony vaccinated yet?

Masked Singer is really weird this season. And rigged. They sent home Kermit the Frog. He sang way better than the raccoon.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch weekend chaser streams
Lots of shows on Tivo
Read more Phantom Tollbooth
Maybe take naps in bed this time

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