Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Mostly stay at home day

Interrupted a few times by some Humana foo. Wasted half an hour on the phone with three pharmacy clerks who did not understand that all I needed was a prescription xferred from CVS. 4th helper was a pharmacy tech, she got it right away and started the process.

But later another pharmacy person called, confused because what I was transferring was insulin pen tips but there are no insulin pens on my list. Explained that I came to Nevada with more than a year's supply of pens, but Humana won't support them so I had to switch to vials and syringes. But I still have 30 pens left and am running out of needles. To add to the confusion, the idiot doctor who prescribed the needles (my first Nevada PCP) wrote them for 1 needle a day. I use 3 a day.

And in the mail I got a notice from Humana that they won't pay for my ophthalmology appointment because it wasn't referred by my PCP. But it was. And some woman in Hawaii called to claim that my podiatrist doesn't accept my Humana HMO. But Humana referred me to him. Grrrr. She was calling because I have an appointment next week, she was unaware that he saw me last month.

Enough medical foo.

Most of the day I streamed my front window camera pointed at the sage bush. Unattended, except for occasional checks to see if it was still online. Watched a few storm chasers, but none of them found the tornadoes they were after.

Took a field trip in the afternoon to Duck Creek trail. Got lots of photos of the mountain, but also of the burned areas. Lots of arson-caused spot fires. Made for some artistic burned tree photos. Will process them and put them online tomorrow.

Here's one for starters.

Delivered to the mailbox storage unit was a battery checker. I had one, but cannot find it. Turns out the reason the pigeon repeller did not work is one of the batteries was dead. It still won't get rid of the pigeons but at least now it detects motion and sends out a tone between 15khz and 25khz.

Met my new next door neighbor. She is very needy. Says she has PTSD from her husband beating her. And COPD from when she used to smoke. I met her when she blocked the road in front of the mailboxes by parking her car at right angles to the mailboxes instead of using one of the many parking spaces or parking alongside.

Two of the stray cats are using the space under my house, but so is a raccoon. I have too many doctor appointments to mess with that this week.

Watched Summer House and am getting tired of them focusing on the drama queen, and the guy she keeps taunting for no reason. Shark Tank saw more deals with 2 sharks than usual.

Last night I watched the South Park pandemic special. It was gross.

Finally took the lamb chops out of the freezer and am marinating them overnight in rosé, sherry and a sprinkling of Thai basil, thyme, oregano and black pepper. Will fry them with minced garlic.

Ran the dishwasher.

Did not do a stream tonight, watched The First 48 instead.

Got a letter from the local Nissan dealer that if I want I can return my leased Leaf now, and get a new car for less. But they don't seem to have any electric cars on offer. I'll have to talk to them about that.

Made eggos in the toaster oven. Needed more time. Lunch was a fruit bowl. Yum, but expensive.
Plans for tomorrow:
Set all the non-internet clocks forward an hour. Nevada has a bill in place to remain on Standard Time but it's too late for this year.

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