Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Lamb chops, Gold Rush, Bush league

Up around 5 am, low blood sugar, downed two bowls of ice cream. Watched Gold Rush till I got tired, then back to bed till 9 or 9:30.  Not going anywhere so skipped the shower.

Last night around 1 am I set all the clocks in the house to DST. Oven, microwave, livingroom, bedroom, both bathrooms (two in the master). Put a note on the whiteboard to set the one in the car. Which also reminded me to set the one in the Nikon.

Morning I put kibble on the back porch and saw Goldie partake. But then my front porch cam showed Goldie up there checking things out, so I moved the kibble tower to the front porch. Good choice because the pigeons don't go there. Goldie found it this afternoon, I figure the other strays will too. I don't think the raccoon will.

Charged the spare camera battery and put it in the rear door cam,then charged that one and put it in the porch cam. When that's charged it will go into the carport cam.

Watched fishing and storm chaser streams. As usual the chasers failed to find any major storms.They keep listening to this one guy who always leads them near but not quite to the right sites.

Processed the Duck Creek trail photos. They are here.

Left email for Nissan sales, but they are closed Sundays. I really would like to ditch my Leaf and get a Tesla or Chevy Bolt. But the early lease release deal I think requires me to lease or buy a Nissan.

Set the car clock to DST, it has a button for that. All my internet devices auto-update. Google Home points out each time check that it's DST. Amazon does not.

IRS says my $1400 will be deposited 3/17. They are finally processing my tax return, much bigger payout from that. No ETA for my refund.

Pan fried the lamb chops. The sherry did not help the flavor. Steak sauce did. Second piece was kind of dried, will use it in stew. BBQ beans were good, pickles have gone bad somehow. Mint cookie crumble ice cream tasted fine.

Finished Gold Rush. Very long series of episodes. The white water teams have pulled the plug after each one nearly killing a diver. Strip miners are over-working and under-maintaining their equipment and wonder why it keeps breaking.

Penn & Teller is paused after the first act. 90 Day is recording.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call podiatrist and cancel this week's appointment
Call PCP and ask them to find a podiatrist who takes my insurance, and straighten out the ophthalmologist snafu
Urology appointment late afternoon

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