Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Bachelor FAIL

Lots of little projects today. Stripped the bed and laundered the sheets and sister's quilt. Made the bed with brand new linens, white with floral pattern. Spook helped.

Righted the rocking chair which had blown over on the porch. Ordered bungee cords to tie the chairs to the rails. The winds here can get ridiculously fierce.

Ordered longer drinking straws. The last batch are too short for my tumblers.

Stapled the quilt to the wall where the old desk had been. It's crooked, but it's also sideways

Called Nissan dealer, it looks like they could find the long range 2021 version of what I have. Had to go online and see the trim names. Will make an appointment to talk to them about a trade-in. If the $$ work and they have a non-black car available, I may do this after my IRS refund hits the bank.

Tried to find a fish tank setup on Amazon but their search engine sucks. No way to narrow it down to a particular size. But there's a tropical fish store up the road a piece, I'll check them out tomorrow. Not sure if I want to breed Siamese fighting fish or gouramis. Could do both, in a large enough tank.

Cats have been fighting. No apparent damage except to my ear drums. Ma'am eats too much too fast and barfs.

Watched The Bachelor finale and After shows. Matt James was a poor choice. The after show he comes in with a huge beard like LeBron. He was cleanshaven for the whole season. He was kind of catatonic in the After show. In the finale he walked out on his #2 choice, left her shattered. And in the After we find out he walked out on his #1. Just like his dad did to his mom. Which he kept saying he was not going to do because he saw how it hurt his mom. He broke up with #1 because in 2018 she had gone to a plantation ball. He and the producers were upset because #1 did not think anything of it because all her friends did that. There were no overt racist tones to it, but it got blown way up. Matt said she had to do her homework alone, which is so wrong. He should have helped teach her.

#1 and #2 made up, but they cut that from the show, the host posted about it on Twitter. #2 was given a sop - the producers had passed up all women of color when they chose the next bachelorette, but now they are giving #2 her own season in addition. They are still jerks.

Channel surfing bore a gem. A genealogy show which did in depths with three TV news women. The depth of research was amazing. PBS.

Ma'am sat on my tummy for most of my TV watching.

Plans for tomorrow:
Tropical Fish store
Nissan follow up?
Below Deck Med?
SS and covid $$ due in my bank account


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