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Surprise gifts in an unmarked brown cardboard box

First project this morning was to put the garbage bins out to the curb. Despite having a ton of huge boxes I skipped putting stuff out for bulk garbage collection last night because of high winds. Winds are still up there and expected to get worse.

I tried entering GPS coordinates from the 2019 car's files into the 2021 nav system but they were not formatted correctly. Too many digits. And I haven't figured out how to program the sirius Xm presets.

Sometime before noon UPS dropped off a small brown cardboard box, no return address, but I knew what it was. The US Mint likes to hide their packages. Three $1 coins. One for me, one for each of my US sisters. I put two of them in small flat rate priority mail boxes, went to usps.com, made address labels and paid postage. Waited till after 1, drove to the big PO and handed them to a clerk to be scanned into the system, and get a receipt. There was only one couple ahead of me, looked like a showgirl and her man.

Stopped at my mailbox, it was empty. Expected two Humana packages.

Home, watched the florida keys fishing stream. Poked around some other streams but none of the storm chasers were chasing. Three of them were pointing their cameras out their house windows, but not much storm going on. One kayak fishing stream was on. One trucker as well but he was at a truck stop.

Delivered later was some fish food and the adjustable tank heater. And a very easy to read tank thermometer which lets me set min and max temps. Got the temp up from 76 to 83, turned down the heater, it looks like at the lowest setting is 84.4F which is a little too hot, but better than too cold.

The male betta gave up on his bubble nest, probably none of the females are ready. The gouramis also are bubble nest builders but so far nothing - though one of the males was annoying the male betta while he was bubbling. Hmmm.

On the drive I was bothered by the rear view mirror looking polarized. I'd rather have a bright clear view. Pulled up the manual online and there's no way to fix that. But. It showed me how to pair my community's gate clicker with a button on the mirror frame. I did that, but the clicker I've been using all year didn't pair - I had to use the spare, which had more battery life. Took the used one inside and replaced the battery. I should order more. Kind of an oddball battery. 12v 23a. Smaller than an AA. Shorter than a AAA. Done.

Watched 90 Day Fiancé. Two relationships melted down completely and both idiot men asked for the engagement ring back. Nope, those are freely given gifts, they belong to the person to whom you gave them. Besides which, in both cases it was the man who canceled the wedding. One couple got back on track big time, after she came out to her parents as bi. Two couples are sort of in limbo. In one case the parental units are rushing the wedding because of Covid, and the bride is upset that she has no dress, no shoes, no cake. Her groom doesn't care, he just wants the document so she doesn't get deported. In the other case she's pregnant, and he's more interested in drinking with his buds than paying attention to her. The good news is she read him the riot act and it looks like he's going to spend the night doing romantic things with her. We'll see. I don't even want to talk about the fake redhead marrying her 2nd muslim, her 4th wedding. He's making her rush, using Ramadan as the excuse but all they need to do is find him a hotel to live in for the month. Or male friend's house.

BASFA zoom meeting was fun.

Below Deck Sailing Ship is a hot mess. All the crew are trying to hook up. The producers have booked a charter with 9 people - half of them children - which is way too many. And they all order different meals, which the chef doesn't have the space or equipment to handle. 

Plans for tomorrow:
Probably stay home because of the winds.
Boulder City if the winds die down

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