Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Ho Hum. Radio programming.

It was an early start this morning, Hgl was at a good level.

It looked like it might rain but there were all these gorgeous cumulus clouds so I printed out the Sirius XM channel guide and drove the the Wetlands Park parking lot and spent about an hour programing the presets in the radios. There's AM, FM and Sirius. AM only takes 6 stations, many of them are Christian and/or Spanish so there was a lot of scanning back and forth. FM took 12, Sirius 18. It took a while to Get It™ that I had to hold down the channel button for 5+ seconds for it to change the preset to the currently playing station, but once I figured that out the only problem was there are more Sirius stations of interest to me than there are presets. But I'll deal.

Home, the rear view mirror button opened the community gate from much further away than the clicker, so I don't need to carry the clicker in the car anymore. Yay! Stopped at the mailbox on the way, two Humana pharmacy bags - one for a high dosage of a drug my cardiologist took me off of before I could cancel the delivery, and the replacement from my urologist in consultation with my cardiologist. It's a little blue pill. But not the little blue pill. This one was developed initially as a competitor to Rogaine®, but it has collateral effects which should help me. 

Watched a lot of the S. FL fisherman stream, he had two professional shark fishermen on board, and they were hauling in all kinds of big fish. They do catch and release for sharks, but they kept the good eating/sushi fish when they were big enough. They caught 50+bonitos, kept a few for bait but released most of them. It was fun seeing three guys hauling in fish hand over fist.

Took a nap around 4, Spook jumped on the bed as I was making it, but she jumped off and curled up on the floor in a corner while I slept. I hate when she does that.

While I was sleeping Amazon delivered a small box, once again stupidly putting it on a table which has some cactus plants, instead of the table 2 feet away that has nothing on it. In the box was toothpaste and waterproof non-Band-Aid bandages. And a UPS guy literally threw a bag of stuff against the wall by the door. It turned out to be a 4G network dongle to replace the no longer supported 3G one attached to my pacemaker monitor. It was easy to install, I almost didn't need the instructions.

I'm calling  the new cat Mom now. Original spelling was Maam, Miki says there wasn't supposed to be an apostrophe, the shelter made a mistake. Mom loves to climb up my office chair while I'm on it and perch on the head rest.

She will also try to sit on the desk but there really isn't room and I don't want a keyboard cat. Spook only comes into the office to poke around below the windows. I took out the platforms she can lay on because they block me from opening the windows. Mom has Spook radar, she raises an alarm when she senses the bigger cat nearby or just looking at her.

Lunch was snacks. Gouda bites, Girl Scout S'mores cookies and watermelon. Dinner was the usual salad, a frozen meat loaf meal and chocolate fudge ripple ice cream with caramel syrup.

Watched a rerun-ish episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. They do this thing they call "never before scene" where they add maybe 2 minutes from the cutting room floor. I don't usually watch those but the first charter of the season was a major party episode, lots of skin.

Some of LV got rain, but not my neighborhood.

In aquarium news, I lost 2 gouramis which were sucked up against the filter intake. Research shows the kit was missing two filter parts which would have prevented that. Found them online, shipping from AZ. And the allegedly adjustable heater refused to turn off, plus they sent me a 150W not the 100 I ordered. So a replacement replacement is en route too.

Plans for tomorrow:
Long drive to a famous tropical fish store in Chinatown.  Gouramis are on the list, but also a small number of other community fish and some moss. And maybe a large ornamental piece for fish to hide in.
I expect to watch more fishing streams too.
And spend some time on the exercise bike

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