Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A good day to do nothing

Very windy today, apparently typical Spring in LV. A couple of storm chasers were streaming but the ones I watched live were not in the tornado zone. No SoFL stream.

Watched the tropical fish now and then. Spook is jealous. But she likes looking out the screen door at the birds. I may move the small recliner from the guest room to make it my aquarium TV chair. I expect Spook may even jump onto my lap. But right now all the big boxes are in the guest room so maneuvering will be a challenge.

Delivered to the mailbox was a set of batteries for the clickers that I don't need anymore.

Delivered to the front porch was a Chewy order. Litterbox cartridges, filters for the tank, and the dial-a-temp heater. I took out the automatic heater which cuts off at 76° and dialed 82 on the new one. It is doing the right thing, only turning on for a few minutes at a time. I expect 82 when I check tomorrow morning.

RPCV singles zoom was good, three woman showed up. Five men.

Going to bed early, without dinner because fasting blood tests tomorrow at 10 am. Drank 3 glasses of milk during the zoom meeting so I'm not hungry. Had girl scout cookies earlier.

Breakfast was blueberry eggos with PNB. For lunch some leftover frozen meal and a "just crack an egg".

Watched Resident Alien. The things I don't like about it got worse, the things I do like about it got better. Worse was overwhelmingly the "winner" I think there is only one more episode.

Plans for tomorrow:
10 am blood test, leave at 9:30
Hope the filter parts arrive. The tank is looking grungy
Masked Singer
Maybe more Twitch streams 

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