Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Late out of bed but drove to Boulder City anyway

Lots of pretty women online this morning, got distracted. Also there was a major fire on the LVFD scanner at 5am, but somehow was not reported in any news pages.

After getting dressed I looked into the aquarium and was disappointed to see cloudy water. Pulled the filter pump out, the intake tube was clogged and the filter pad needed changing. But the heater was doing well, just under 81°.

KK donut for breakfast after taking drugs. I think the new pill, Finasteride, is working faster than expected.

Fishing guy was not on a boat today, so not a very exciting stream. Storm chasers were not near tornadoes.

About noon I took off for Boulder City, and thought I could stay on the highway (the freeway there is scary) But halfway there took a turnoff which landed me on the freeway, and way out of my way. Pulled off at the first city exit and punched into the GPS what I had programmed - Bicentennial Park - but that turned out to be the city center, not what I wanted. It was a nice day, so I parked and walked a little. Across the street at the city hall they were having elections, and there was a meet the candidates event. No one was wearing masks.

The GPS was confused by the haphazard street layout so I just headed downhill on a main road and when it looked like I was headed the right way I told the GPS to take me home, There was a short stretch of freeway rated 65 mph which I took at 55, but then it dumped out onto the highway which I am familiar with.

Home, car battery was at 50% so I plugged it in. I want to try to find the right place probably Monday.

Checked Google Maps, there is a way to get there without Freeway. Business route 93.

By now the tank was crystal clear, so I sat in the small recliner and watched fish TV. Dozed off for a bit. Spook scratched at the chair but didn't jump up.

On the PC, read all the news. GA racist politicians are at it full force. Pissed that the people voted in a Jew and a black man as US senators. HR1 will fix that if Biden twists enough arms in the Senate. Harris is a joke - she didn't even serve a full term, knows nothing about skeletons in the closet.

Burma is a hot mess, and nobody is going to do anything about it. Ditto Thailand.

My sisters both received their presents from me.

No deliveries today.

Watched a few shows on TV with Mom sitting on my tummy, arms outstretched. She does not like it when I check how long her claws are.

No blood test results yet. Didn't expect them.

Salad & frozen meal for dinner. Mint chip ice cream with Swiss Miss sprinkled on it.

Changed the litterbox

Plans for tomorrow:
Unplug the car
Relax on the porch and in front of the fish tank.
No Dr. appointments till Wed & Fri

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