Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Plan C or D or maybe no plan

Woke up and was out of bed in time but had to take out the garbage, and feed the fish and watch fish TV. Hgl was a bit high at 10. Breakfast, read all the news. More gun deaths.

Feeling like maybe not going anywhere today.

No streamers caught my eye. Wasted a lot of time on Twitter. I wish Biden and Harris would get off of there, it's a bad precedent to make official announcements on social media.

Garbage trucks were late. Recycled was sloppy, left 1/4 of the stuff in the bin.

Delivered were pigeon repeller spikes. I glued some to the porch rail. That ought to help. A couple of bees found the newly filled hummer feeders.

Aloe plant from former next door neighbor is sprouting flowers. Not open yet though. Pretty.

Spook has a new parking spot. I am not pleased.

I need to put the bucket back in the shed.

Decided I needed to replace the missing female betta, add a male and get two more female swordtails. Drove to Petco, it took forever to get help, but got what I was after except the guy thought the swordtails were platys, so I got duller females without the black tails.

Stopped at the mailbox, MetLife sent my official insurance card for the new car. Aquarium parts arrived, they were for a much larger filter pump, so they will be recycled. Good thing I didn't wait.

Wasted a lot of time looking for korean beef ribs delivery. None close enough to deliver.

Lunch and diner were frozen meals.

Plans for tomorrow:
Meal delivery of some kind?

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