Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Phone call Saturday

I bet the Catholics have a name for the day before Easter, but I don't know or care what it is. Not my superstition, not my monkeys.

No way was I going anywhere this weekend. 94° is one reason, holiday weekend is another. Watched SoFL on Twitch for a bit, but got a call from a friend in Houston who I know from Thailand Peace Corps doings, concerned about my health from reading my FB posts. I was able to tell him it's all good, we just don't know why my bladder isn't behaving.

So I called each of my USA sisters, to let them know what we know now:
I don't have any kind of cancer
None of my organs are in any worse shape than we already knew
I need to make an appointment with an endocrinologist (diabetes related)
I have an appointment with Urology Monday for a TMI procedure which may solved the bladder mystery
We're waiting on the results of a chest X-Ray, and apparently I will also be referred for a sleep oxygen study, but don't know where yet.

Sling TV came through for me, I was able to watch Graham Norton and 90 Day Fiance. The Tivo gets a good signal off the air for most stations, Shark Tank was as good as cable. As was Penn & Teller.

Spent lot of time on the Tivo removing stations with low signals, Spanish, religious and infomercials.

Did not buy anything and nothing was delivered.

Watermelon for lunch, salad & frozen meal for dinner.

Sonos stopped playing Sirius XM. Chat with Sirius was a total FAIL. Ended up uninstalling SXM from the Sonos app and re-installing it. Needed to reset my password to what it had been.

Plans for tomorrow:
Install the rest of the Pigeon spikes
Watch The First 48
Tweak my SlingTV. Maybe upgrade to the $50 package to get ESPN and more DVR time.

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