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Phone calls

Breakfast was a donut and an egg.**
Called middle sister but she was out walking. Called her again later and told her the TMI, and she told me some of her TMI which I had not known about. Then a call from my Bronx cousin who wanted to know the TMI, turns out he had gone through something similar.

Call from Endo, they did not have my PCP's referral on file, so I need to call PCP and remind them. Also was referred for a sleep test, but I'm not going to do that. Waste of time because there's no workable fix. I cannot sleep with anything on my face. Also got a 404 error on the clinic's appointment site. And they only do the tests at night.

Drove to Trop, bought 4 female bettas (looks like 3 of my original 4 are no longer with us). And a male dwarf blue gourami. They had no female gouramis, and no female lyre tails, and no banded loaches. Got some flake food, and frozen brine shrimp and blood worms. They were out of live brine shrimp.

Maybe tomorrow I'll try PetSmart. No, wait -- there's Reptiles and Reefs in Henderson 10 minutes away.

Managed the Trop trip without any "accidents". The new drug is working. But I'm still bleeding from the procedure yesterday. Yuk.

**Out of bananas. Ordered groceries delivered from Albertson's, but have to wait till tomorrow for delivery.

Ordered crayfish through Postmates. The food never arrived, and they did not have a way to contact the driver or for me to contact the driver. I yelled at them for offering a credit - why would I order from you again? So they promised a refund. Went to GrubHub and ordered similar food from a different place, it arrived almost on time.

Crayfish boil with corn on the coblets and cajun sausage. I left the quartered whole boiled potato. Not a fan of potatoes. Early dinner.

Florida fisherman had finished his trip this morning before I was out of bed, so all I got to see was him making fillets from the huge fish he had caught.

Three storm chasers were out, but they were only seeing rain. And signals were intermittent.  

Watched an episode of PTI on Sling. There were two recorded but one was pre-empted by a baseball game. Also caught Below Deck Sailing Yacht which was a mess. Too many charter guests, too picky and downright rude. And the women on the crew all want to bed the boson, who is kind of ugly, IMHO. Oh wait, the smallest one has seduced the 7 foot tall deck hand.

And on Amazon Prime there was episode 3 of The Equalizer. It always ends happily with all but one loose end tied up. Queen L's ID remains unknown to the detective she has been helping behind the scenes against his advice.

I still have an episode of Graham Norton to watch, and Temptation Island  was recording. And Pawn Stars.

Set up and ran the Wyze robot vac. The software can use some work. After creating a map, after I renamed the rooms and split a couple, it lost rooms and splits. Had to do that all over, and then ran it to clean the livingroom but it went into the kitchen instead, because I don't know how to read a map sideways. It does not let you change the map except when it is on the charger, so I had to keep telling it to clean and then stop and return to the base in order to split the rooms the way I wanted. And then it still pushed to cat food containers around. The map splitting feature needs work too.

I had it clean the front of the house except the office & kitchen, and it returned to base to recharge but didn't connect. I had to physically match the contacts, and it took 4 tries.

Also plugged the car in - it was down to 40%.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call PCP and get them to send the endo referral again
Wait for Groc delivery
Watch storm chasers and FL fisher guy if they are on
Reptiles and Reefs
Watch some TV
Crab for lunch ? Salmon for dinner? Those were meals I ordered with the crayfish.

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