Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Go Fish

Spook jumped on the bed and curled up next to me at about 4 am, and stuck around till I got up to take a shower.

No breakfast. Bananas were part of my groc order, it was due between 10 and 2. Turns out it arrived at noon. First time ever all the items were in stock. The only gotcha is I ordered quarts of milk instead of half gallons. But that's okay. Quarts don't go bad as fast.
Putting away 2 week's of frozen meals meant emptying one of the freezer sections, and I found 2 lbs of butter I did not know I had. Actually 2x 3/4 because each carton had been opened. And then there were 2 more unopened cartons. Must have been from when I was making grilled cheese in the cast iron skillet. 

Lunch was crab legs from yesterday's order, with garlic butter and corn on the cob.

Called PCP and let them know the endo folks did not know who I was.

After groc was put away, off to a new-to-me place called Reptiles and Reefs. Tiny spot in a huge shopping plaza, not very clean, very sparse selection of reptiles, and all the fish were saltwater. And instead of them being in tanks they were mostly in plastic bag floating in tanks. There were three guys in company branded T-shirts looking in all the bags, probably buying for another store. Nothing there for me so I left and went a block away to PetSmart, which also had nothing for me. At least I was asked twice if I needed help with the fish. But they didn't have anything on my list.

Home, played with the Wyze robo vac map, but it was in love with the sheepskin rug and just would not leave it alone. The map edit function is very limited, and would not let me block out the space the cats' food and water was in. The vac is too stupid to treat those as obstacles and pushed them around. The cats complained.

Six tries splitting the map in different ways and the only WIN was getting it to only clean the hallway. Had to watch a YT video to figure out where the dust bin was. And it needed serious muscle to open it the first time.

Tivo 4K dongle arrived late afternoon, it was easy to set up, I had a spare port in the home theater, and the remote connected despite the dongle being behind the receiver. But it has no FF or REW function. Major FAIL. Amazon Fire can play Sling TV too, and has those functions. So I watched Graham Norton on it.

But the Tivo 4K has a lot more content, I need to explore a bit.

Raccoon showed up as I was streaming. It runs away when I fire up the camera's alarm.

Dinner salad included avocado chunks, thawed from frozen. Shrimp Alfredo bowl then caramel tracks ice cream.

Plans for tomorrow:
Banana for breakfast
Call endo
Petco - fishing trip
Call animal cotrol

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