Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Rug victory, Magic Nails FAIL, more fish, more Spook

After breakfast, vacuumed the rug with the new Bissel, and was able to smooth out the lumps and waves caused by the sofa. Wheeled the sofa back in place, took off the wheels and while the rug has some waves in it, they are minor and I think I can flatten them with a piece of wood I have out in the shed which used to be my office "floor" in CA when I had carpet. Maybe a few bricks on top. I have some in the back yard.

Made a nails appointment for 1 pm, Magic Nails, got there 5 minutes early. My person was finishing up with a customer and said "5 minutes" but it was clearly going to be 10.

After she finished with the customer she went into the back room, and never came out. At 1:30 I left.

Went to my next stop, Trop, where I planned to buy some moss and a male betta, but got sidetracked when I saw they finally had kuhli loaches. I bought 2. And 4 glass cats. And the male betta. Plus a bag of algae wafers.

Home, after an hour let the fish out of the bags and was surprised that all the fish except the glass cats went wild over the algae wafers. When I gave the fish their evening flake food I also added two slices of zucchini. The gouramis love it but so do the red tails.

Set up the tablet with the fire dept. scanner while I watched fish. Spook worked on her tan by the open door.

"Yeller" was not impressed.

Mom took her place late in the day, Spook was not amused.

Watched assorted streamers, spent more time on Twitter than usual because Minnesota police were being incredibly stupid. It is not possible to mistake a gun for a taser. Good to hear that both the stupid officer and the stupider chief resigned. Now let's prosecute the officer.

Got a call from the screen door scheduler, she wanted to have the prison doors removed Sunday, but the screen doors won't be ready by then so I said let's do this all the same day.

Amazon Fire/Sling TV - watched Temptation Island. Mark Wahlberg is the dullest host ever. There was one pair of couples who will be breaking up. In both cases the person they latched onto is bigger than the person they came with. Skinny woman landed a taller, broader man, skinny man found a chubby woman with huge assets. Both new couples are happy.

Except not so much because all the tempters are being sent home.

PTI  I could only take one episode. Mike rants way past the 2 minutes they allot to each item.

Did some serious Yelp research and found NaiLand, which I seem to remember going to either when I first got here or when I was here in 2019 scouting houses. The latest reviews for them were all 5*, none of the others came close. Made an appointment for 1 pm tomorrow. The person I spoke to spoke American English.

Delivered was a long-delayed box of facial tissues. And a 1-day delayed pair of SodaSense CO2 cartridges.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch streams
Watch more PTI
American Idol
and The Voice and Finding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates Jr.
And FishTV which helps me bond with Spook

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