Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Breakfast was a banana and half the bowl of watermelon. Then I took that bowl, the cantaloupe bowl and honeydew bowls and the little container of mango slices and made three bowls of mixed fruit. Finished one of them while watching the FL fisherman catch tiny bait fish 5 at a time on a multiple hook line.

The car charged overnight, went outside and unplugged it.

Aquarium water is still cloudy, have changed filters twice today. Looks like it's the algae tablets dissolving. Big cloud came from the bottom of the tank as I poured more clearer fluid in. It's better but not good.

No more dead fish that I can tell, though.

Lazy day, stayed in bed till noon. I need to not do that anymore because it hurts when I get up.

Tried three of the Ethel M creme cordial chocolates, they are superb. The cordial cherries not so much.

Highlight of the day was a long catch-up phone call from my best buddy from Terayon/Arris. He texted to remind me we were laid off o this date 5 years ago.  It took me a while to get a contract at Google, he was working at Amazon in a couple of weeks. He's a very good programmer, automation engineer. I'm not. He and his wife & sone just came back from a week in Puerto Vallarta. He said getting into Mexico was easy, and his resort gave his family in-house testing and the paperwork to get back to USA. He says Las Vegas is on his list.

Watched some TV and Sling.

Dinner was salad with fresh avocado, the frozen chunks are all stuck together but since I have two ripe ones why thaw?

Plans for tomorrow:
CVS for beta carotene.

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