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After breakfast I got in the car and punched in CVS, and it showed me one not too far which I had never been to. Turns out the trip there got me a good look at both the horseman's park, which was chock full of trailers and horses, and the Vegas Wash which now has water in it from snow on the mountain.

I had two items on my list - beta carotene and sugar free Werther's hard candy caramels. It is a fairly large store, and they had Werther's candies of all sorts in about 6 different places. I finally found a pair of large sugar free packages. Beta carotene they only had one bottle, and only CVS brand. It was on a 2-for-1 sale, so when I got to checkout they offered me a rain check for a free one. Sure. But it was a major event, needing a manager to approve the refund and ringing it up separately.

On the drive home I caught a glimpse of the work being done on Desert Inn Rd. to replace the washed out bridge over the wash.

Once home it was kind of boring. I ordered pizza, brownies and cinnamon pull-aparts from Poppa John's. The pizza was awful. Bland, tasteless. The desserts were excellent. Delivery was instant - he was at the front gate in less time than it should have taken to make the pizza. Pizza was soggy and sloppily made.

None of my streamers were out today, but there was a lot on the news sites and Twitter.

I set up the Texas Sage Bush cam and streamed that all day. Lots of lurkers and two people tried to chat even though it said on the screen nobody was paying attention.

Spook ate too much and barfed on the rug by the front door, but the new vac took care of that. So I vacuumed the whole rug.

Dumped too much clarifier into the tank, many dead fish. Also discovered the filter was mounted backwards.  The water is getting clearer, but  need to just leave it alone for a few days.

Maam is sitting on the floor between my legs in front of the chair and keeps reaching up with one sharp paw. She likes me rubbing her face.

Watched the 90 Day tell all part 2, what a cluster.

Gold rush was half action and half fluff. The First 48 once again put someone in jail without solid evidence. 

Took the big boxes out to the curb and also the recycle bin. Trash I'll do later, they don't pick that up till afternoon.

Neither of the expected packages showed up in my mailbox.

Plans for tomorrow:
Aside from garbage stuff, not much.


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