Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Garbage Day

Up at 8, fish tank was still very cloudy. I put in more clarifier chemicals, but that made things worse. All my small fish are dead, during the day several of the medium and two large ones bit the dust.

I pulled all the Petco moss out, that helped. Went online and ordered stuff to let me do a water exchange. Siphon off about 2/3, fill a bucket with water & conditioner and slowly add that.

For a while I had two filter units going but that seemed to make matters worse. I don't get it, more aeration should have helped.

Very disappointing because before I started feeding them algae pellets it was a pristine clear tank with lots of colorful fish.

Also surprised at how many gouramis died, since they can get air from the surface.

Spook knows something is wrong, she's meowed at me when I'm near the tank, and she sat on the stuffed chair when I was about to sit down.

In other news, as usual the bulk garbage was picked up before I was awake, the recycleds around noon and the trash sometime around 2:30

Florida fisherman was streaming before I woke up, and ran for 9 hours. He didn't catch much though.

Flat TV antenna arrived, it is now on the livingroom wall pointed at the transmitter towers. Much better signal than the previous directional one. Yesterday's The Voice was garbage, tonight's shows should be fine.

Part 2 of the 90 Day tell-all was sad, nobody was telling anything, but Amazon Prime had some good sci-fi

BASFA zoom meeting was short, half an hour. I finished dinner (corn dogs) - the Ozempic is working, I have no appetite for food. Just for cookies, ice cream and candy.

Laundered the bedding and Panda Mick. Made the bed with new navy colored sheets and the orange quilt. Spook "helped", of course.

Maam alternates between being a sweetheart and a PIA.

Plans for tomorrow:
Do the water exchange with the tank
No FL fishing stream, he said, but there are others, just have to search for them
Looks like we've got Am Idol, The Voice and Antiques Roadshow. And probably Below Deck Sailing Yacht on Sling

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