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Netgear router needed to be rebooted at 6 am. Network cut out while I was on the tablet.

The tank still was not clear, but it was better. After breakfast I got antsy and drove to the Petco on Serene & Eastern, bought a high powered filter and waited half an hour for the fish guy to finish with a woman who had dyed half her hair bright red and the other half grey and her hyperactive daughter. But he spent as much time helping me, almost. I bought a bunch of neons, two cory cats and three small gold gouramis.

Home, installed the filter, ran it all day and it helped a little but it is too big and powerful for a 20 gallon tank (neons were being tossed around quite rudely), so I will replace it tomorrow I just replaced it with the smaller one delivered by Amazon later in the day. This one has a biomass filtration system, quiet too.

Meanwhile, low humidity and lots of sand in the air has given me a scratchy throat and runny nose.

Quick trip to Albertson's, home, another annoying unsigned past due bill from the idiot accountant at the park. At least this time my name was spelled correctly on the envelope. Does not change the fact that I owe them nothing.

Lunch was as much of one fruit bowl as was ripe enough.

Hot Bench on Tivo, PTI and Temptation Island on Sling. Found a fun but poorly edited show on Prime Video called Seatbelt Psychic. A Lyft/Uber type driver is a medium (actually looks like an extra large) and he gives readings for his passengers. Some of them are obvious scam cold readings but some appear to include facts he would have no way of knowing. Thomas John is his stage name. Flanagan is his real surname.

Florida fisherman was streaming before I woke up and ran for more than 9 hours. He is now a Twitch partner, which I can't achieve because it needs 75 simultaneous people online. I get 10 tops.

Dinner was salad and a personal Red Baron pizza. Poppa John brownies for dessert. I probably had 4 blue bunny mini chocolate dipped cones during the day.

Right now treating my throat to dark Swiss Miss with a few drops of mint extract.

Very windy today. But I saw a hummer at the front feeder twice.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe Trop for a large female blue gourami.


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