Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Partly Cloudy

The irony just hit me - a song I liked which was used in one of the TV shows I watched yesterday was by a group named Partly Cloudy. I Sincerely Doubt It.  I like the harmonies. I think it was Temptation Island, but could have been Seatbelt Medium.

Anyhow, the fish tank continues to be partly cloudy, despite the change of filter pumps. Looks like I will need to actually buy a test kit. And aeration seems to be a problem, even though the filter dumps water into the tank from a couple of inches up. So the local Petco tomorrow for reasonably priced, instant gratification.

But today I went to Trop and replaced some fish. A pair of pink female fancy bettas, two more kuhli loaches, a mating pair of pineapple sword tails and four large neon tetras. When I put those in the tank the one surviving one schooled with them. No big gouramis, unfortunately.

Delivered - a pair of inexpensive BT ear buds. The speakers worked fine but the microphones were horrible. 

Cardiology robo call said my appointment was changed, I needed to call them to get the new date. Called and the scheduler (after being o hold for 10 minutes) was insisting that my referral had expired and nobody had called me. She was supposed to have someone who was not "just  a scheduler" call me but no one did. She said my PCP needs to see me before they can make another referral, which is BS, as if my pacemaker will suddenly disappear. Maybe I should call Humana.

Fruit bowl for lunch. Salad, and personal pizza for dinner - I made 2 but could only finish one, and I had too much ice cream for dessert.

Watched The Masked Singer, and again it was rigged. Bobby Brown was sent home, though he was by far one of the best voices. I'm amazed they got him on the show what with the tragedies he's recently been through. The reception was fine until the last two segments, when it went to hell. Probably messed up by the wind storm.

Plans for tomorrow:
7 Sunny massage

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