Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Festive Day

After breakfast today's adventure was a long drive way out to the edge of Henderson, just past the Raiders' training facility, to a small Thai temple holding a Songkran festival. All the food and drinks were free, donations accepted towards building a big new temple.

Photos are on Flickr, so I won't post many here. After the monks did their prayers and accepted food, there was some dance entertainment by a professional looking adult women's troupe,

and then a tiny child got up and did a very impressive solo. The MC interviewed her - she speaks English and Thai but was very shy about talking. She said she was 7.

And then her mother got up and danced. OMG.


The wind was blowing at a good 40 MPH, so they wrapped up early, but it was fun because it was all in Thai. I counted maybe 6 non-Thais out of the hundred or so people there. Women were dressed to the nines, especially the high school/college aged ones.

Got home around 1:30, the mail was not delivered yet. :-(

In aquarium news, the water in the tank is clear, probably thanks to the chemical I put in last night, but it also killed 2 fish, maybe more. The dwarf gouramis chomp on the carcasses.

Rebooted the Amazon Fire and moved it to a better internet location, but Sling programs are not streaming correctly. Prime shows are.

Ordered wings from KFC but what arrived was baked, not fried, and spiced like Popeye's - too much for me. And the doordash woman forgot the biscuits. Their fries are awful.

 Plans for tomorrow:

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