Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Massage win

I think there was a cat fight at around 4 am. When the lights came on at 8, Spook joined me in bed, which is annoying because that's when I want to get out of bed. She stayed there till I was out of the shower, and then went into the front room.

Took drugs, read the news, then got in the car and headed out Boulder Hwy for Lake Mead Parkway and Sunny 7 massage. Picked the wrong side of the parkway at first, the GPS found the right side, but not the storefront. It was close to the Parkway, away from Walmart. As advertised, they take walk-ins. Price was $20 more than the Bay Area, but then again the Bay Area is locked down for massages.

Got a good experienced masseuse, about 35 years old I guess. She got the places which needed to get got, with a minimum of pain. I will be back, but I think I will try one closer to home first, now that I know what to expect. That one is $10 less but needs an appointment.

In the mail today was the Quicken inkjet printable checks, which was bent nearly in half, thanks USPS. Also a pair of letters from Met Life saying that in addition to raising my rate almost double, they are now Farmer's. So I went online and signed up for Allstate. Lower rate but fewer frills. I had Allstate in 2014, ditched them when they switched their ads from good hands to mayhem. They are back to good hands and not trying to scare people. Allstate would not let me set up the new policy because my email is already in their system with a different zip code. I'll work on that tomorrow with the local agent.

Nissan sent a check for the amount they overcharged me to end my last lease. Yay.

Last night when I put my last red onion through the mandolin, it came out soggy, so that got flushed down. Not crucial, salad works fine without that.

Finished a soda cartridge, installed another one. Also used the last of the diet cola syrup, so I ordered more.

Changed the litterbox cartridge too. 30 MPH winds, so I won't put the garbage bins out till morning. 

Saw a hummingbird again at the front feeder, battling the wind.

Lost about 6 more fish today. Puzzling. The water is cloudy again from zucchini and dead fish. Test strips say except for the water being hard, everything is fine. I may need to buy 10 gallons of filtered water and do another half-tank exchange. No more fish till things settle down. This evening's count:
1 neon
2 gold dwarf gouramis
2 coby cats
1 pleco
1 huge blue gourami male
2 male bettas
2 pink and 2 blue female betas
there are probably kuhli loaches hiding in the gravel

Maybe I'll bring the big filter tank in from the shed. Used to keep it in the fridge. It's maybe 1.5 gallons? Nah, not enough.

With all the artifacts on the Amazon Fire I started using the Tivo 4K dongle. Discovered the FF, pause and REW secret. Watched a few old episodes of a matchmaker reality show. Sling ought to have 90 Day Fiance tonight. Watched Shark Tank on antenna Tivo, some minor glitches due to the wind storm.

Plans for tomorrow:
Stay home. Phone PCP and Humana. And Allstate.
BASFA zoom
full moon at 8:30 pm

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