Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


6:30 am - they were early! - two guys showed up to remove the heavy steel screen doors and one guy stayed to install sliding screen doors.


I'm disappointed with the new doors, they are narrower than expected and flimsy. Not worth the $400 each. Oh well, they are good enough. The next job will be to have keypad locks put on the main doors.

Delivered during this project was a small upright freezer which is now installed and chilling under the "bar" in the office/dining room.

Because I was up at 6, I crashed around 11:30. Spook played shower cat while I tried to nap.

Today's LVFD fun was an alarm from an air conditioner on the top of an apartment. The battalion chief scrambled 6 units there, then sent all but 2 home when it was established that there were four air conditioning units, but only one was powered on and it was generating a false alarm. No smoke, no fire, just a poor installation.

FL fisherman was also out early. The reason I took a nap is he was heading home after a full morning of fishing, and I felt faint as I watched the screen door guy packing up. BP was low, but not that low.

Back up at about 1, did two loads of wash but it's 80° so I will not run the dryer till morning. It got up to 97 today.

Watched yesterday's NFL draft, toward the end Goodell packed it in and sent some woman out who is some kind of administrative official with a fake tan and a mousy voice. She got better as she got more practice. At the start she was a deer in the headlights, with an "what am I doing here, this is ridiculous, I'm in the wrong story" look.

On Tivo 4k I watched The First 48

Lost 2 more neons. Web search says they don't like change.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call for a podiatry appointment - oh wait that's Monday they are closed weekends
Pull stuff out of the fridge freezer and put things in the new freezer. Not sure what.
PM - carry the doors and the freezer box to the curb for bulk pickup


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