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Mister Eclectic

Oven delivered & installed, prep was worth it

When I checked the tracking info for the stove it said 4-8 pm ETA. During the day that changed several times, to 8:25-9:15 and then 7:15-8:15. Phone call from truck driver at 7 said he was 20 minutes away. I gave him the gate code and directions.  The gate did not open - malfunction - until the 3rd try.

Two guys and huge truck were here at 7:20, my old stove was removed in about 2 minutes, thanks to having cleared a path through the kitchen and livingroom. One man used a hand truck to remove it, but bringing in the new one the two guys carried it using a sling with the stove suspended between them. Looked awkward.  Maybe 5 minutes to install it and make sure it worked. And instructions to burn it in at 350 for 20 minutes.

Added it to Alexa and Google Home, and was able to tell Alexa to set it for 350 for 20 minutes but Google didn't understand. There does not appear to be a way to set the clock by wi-fi, which is incredibly stupid. Also, telling Alexa to turn on and off the inside oven light disabled the baking timer. :-(

First meal was 5 tempura shrimp, 400F 7 minutes on a side. Alexa got confused and said the timer was done 4 minutes early. The software needs work.

The front left burner is home for the trivet. The old stove only had 4 burners and a lot of real estate to put things on, so this will take some getting used to. But it's great to turn on the oven and not set off smoke alarms, and to have nice even blue flames on the burners.

Put the cats in the master bedroom when the gate code call came in. After the installers were gone, Spook was under the bed and Maam was trying to attack her.

Watched the latest Dr. Phil. What a joke. His guest is an elderly woman who has been scammed by three people, the last one claiming to be stuck in Nigeria. So Phil sends an "investigator" to Nigeria with a photo of the guy, asking if anyone in the small town the scammer claims he is in has seen the man in the photo. Nope, of course not. An image search shows the photos to be of a motivational speaker in Venezuela, so they get him on a video call and he tells the old lady he has never met her. He even shows her the dogs in the photo she has. Phil asks the woman's daughters if he has left any stone unturned. They say no, but of course the right answer is he hasn't tried to trace the scammer's IP address or done any of the usual computer literate things to find the scammers.

Gave up on The Voice, a 2 hour waste of time, rehashing the top 10 contestants. Nothing new, all padding.

Two episodes = 3 court cases of Hot Bench. Covid edition. The law shows no remorse when a band's gig is canceled by the CA lockdown. Full refund to the person who had to cancel the event.

FL fisherman got a very late start, on the banks of a canal. He pulled in some monsters. Nurse shark, 25 lb grouper, and so on.

Plans for tomorrow:
Endocrinology appointment at 10
Maybe manicure on the way back

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