Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

OCD Shopping

No more bananas so breakfast was an apple turnover and an egg.

Yesterday I could not make curry because I was out of water chestnuts, green peas and the right kind of mushrooms. My car GPS did not know about the big Asian supermarket on Maryland Parkway, but it knew the address as Asian One, and it got me there directly. They were out of my favorite Asian fruits, but I got all the canned goods I wanted, some for today's curry but most for future use. The thin sliced Korean beef ribs were way too expensive, so I got the chunky ribs instead, and bulgogi sauce. No frozen coconut milk, but 27 varieties of canned, all the same size, all different prices. Took almost 5 minutes to identify the least expensive. 

No crabs, tons of lobsters at $20/lb.  Got frozen ha gow, but the deli is just getting back in business and the sesame balls were small. And at home they turned out to be barely edible.

At the store, podiatrist's office called, they don't take my insurance. That's 2 out of 2. Maybe I should just get pedicures.

Watched streamers. And one story from PK Dick.

Got out the flat bottom wok and made the yellow curry tilapia. Had 1/4 of it over rice for dinner. Good but needed more curry paste. Which I stirred in before I divided the leftovers into 3 cotainers and put those in the new freezer.

Watched PTI and a little bit of Gold Rush. Nuked the  2nd Summer House tell-all.

Streamed and had chatters till the USB board burped again with 15 minutes to go. Took 12 minutes to fix.

Spook spent way too much time hiding under my bed.

Tried to find a griddle and broiler pan for my oven, but neither Lowe's nor LG has them listed. Emailed LG support.

Plans for tomorrow:
Change the litterbox
Maybe move the cat tree from the front room back into the guest room, and keep that room open
Play the piano
Maybe get a pedi-mani

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