Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Friday the 14th

After breakfast, collected the package from the mailbox, then on to the large Albertson's on Nellis. Got everything on my list plus mint chip Klondike bars which they stopped making a year ago. Nice to see them back.

Home, took my time opening boxes and putting things away. Also unloaded the dryer and put towels back where they came from, folded the cutoffs (Spook wanted to sit on them). Still have shirts to hang up.

Fruit bowl for lunch.

Watched some streams. Fishing and storm chasing.

Binge watching MTV show again. Horribly out of lip sync on the Tivo 4k. Should try it on Amazon Fire.

The matchmaking proved to be a FAIL in season 1. Or maybe it was 2. Bottom line is a year later only one of the 10 couples are together - they invited everyone to their baby shower. Not even the couple who were not a match but continued to boink the whole show talk to each other anymore.

I streamed for half an hour, nobody showed up.

Red Baron mini pizzas for dinner, I only got through 1.5 of them. The tomato paste is too strong. Soda water and mint chip ice cream antidote.

Filled and bubbled all the sodastream bottles and mixed up a half gallon of Thai tea.

Aquarium fish all survived

Plans for tomorrow:
I ought to go exploring but it's going to be HOT.

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