Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Before we lose power again

Another kind of nothing day. Went to bed before 8 pm. Spook joined me. Too many pee breaks later I got up around midnight, thawed a banana nut muffin and watched The Voice. Just the round of 9, will watch the results some other time. There is a woman with a dead bichon frise on her head who seems to think the show is called The Look or maybe Straight Women Do Ru Paul. Her voice is acceptable but not good enough IMHO to justify the look. There is a country singer who made me cry, which I never do for country songs, with the best rendition of He Stopped Loving Her Today I have ever heard. And the sweetest looking teenager sang the heck out of Christina Perri's Human. I think 6 of the 9 are good enough for the finals.

Maam hid under the bed all day, Spook stalked her there. Maam came out some of the times I made a pit stop, but went right back under the bed. She finally came out to the livingroom while i was having dinner. Spook mostly camped out on her porch view perch, but I also moved the cat perch back under the front window, and she worked on her tan there.

Used Alexa to set the oven for another round of turnovers.

GI issues continue, but they are under control now. I have the right drugs.

Mailbox time. Two packages from Humana of prescription items I do not need. And the dreaded bill from the ophthalmologist. Humana said I owed those guys $600. Turns out it is just a $50 co-pay, the clinic figured out that yes, I was covered at the time of my appointment. I'm not any more and had to change clinics.

Watching season 5 of Are You The One?. Much more personable MC. And for the first time none of the men are violent or think they are there to bang as many women as possible. There are still way too many tattoos.

Around 5 am I pushed the button on the dryer and went back to bed.

Found an interesting stream in Thailand. A Thai woman and a tall white man whose accent is not American. SoFL fisherman's stream was iffy, couldn't watch for long.

Plans for tomorrow:
Same old same old, with major winds

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