Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Getting over the hump, unlocked version

Back from the lab, breakfast was a banana and a sliced HB egg and apple juice spiked with that tummy tamer powder.

Lots of streamers online. FL fisherman started early, by 9 am my time he had been on the water for 4 hours. He already caught a lot of bait fish and some snappers before moving out of the mangroves and onto the ocean by one of the bridges. Where he was skunked for a couple of hours before hauling in snapper after snapper, which he had to throw back because he already caught his limit. He was trying for sharks, but frankly he doesn't know how. He thinks he does, but where he places the hook is stupid, the sharks always rip the fish right off the line, or snap the line, or both.

While he was out fishing several storm chasers were looking for tornadoes. Two of them saw several, and got great video of them. I wanted to post one but for copyright reasons I can only refer you to the chaser: Nathan Moore. One chaser (actually a pair of women) found an after dark hailstorm with very close lightning and loud thunder which they sat inside their car watching and streaming for a couple of hours.

Somewhere in there I ladled the chicken soup into 8 1-quart containers, put 6 in the freezer and 2 in the fridge.

And the egg slicer was delivered, so I halved a dozen HB eggs, popped out the yolks and made deviled eggs.

I paprika-ed six of the halves and ate them for lunch, except the paprika was stale and somehow I managed to dump way too much salt in. So I ruined the filling, completely inedible even after adding water and flour it was way too salty.

So I bagged the empty white halves and put them in the fridge and flushed down the mix. I thought about buying yolk powder but it's way too expensive. Maybe I can fill the halves with peanut butter?

3/4 of a quart was all the soup which would fit in the bowl, so that was dinner, along with some saltines and mint chip ice cream.

Watch American Idol make the predictable wrong choice for the finals, so I am done. I predict that the gravelly voiced mediocre country singer will FAIL miserably and the two ginormous singers will land recording contracts. One will become a gospel singer and the other will think about opera because she has the voice and would look perfect in a horned helmet.

Also on Tivo was an episode of a sci fi show called Debris. Stuff falling from the sky does rude things to people. This one stole scenes from First Encounters and raised the horror bar a few notches. The best actor is the scary bad guy, everyone else is meh. Dialog could be better.

Plans for tomorrow:
Cardiologist in the morning. No, I am not fine. And neither is your broken referral system and its incompetent receptionist.
Happy hour and concert down the block at 2:30. My first social event since I moved here.

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