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So many wires...

Tried to sleep in, but only managed to stay in bed till about 8:30. Breakfast was a sesame bagel, chive & onion cream cheese, lox, sliced hard boiled egg, slice of velveeta & slice of onion all packed into a sandwich. Howeird's Famous Lime Concoction was the beverage. This was a childhood Sunday breakfast which I had not had in ages. I'd had two helpings of this for Friday night dinner. Got the ingredients on impulse after work Friday, a small celebration of the end of my Kasenna job, and how well the "surprise! surprise!" went.

Picked up a package at the apartment office, my long-awaited Sony Network Walkman E507 which had been sent in for repair. They sent a refurbished one in exchange (they were going to send a new one, but called and said they were out of stock, and asked if I would accept a rebuilt one. Since the one I sent in had been refurbished, I didn't see why not). Fired up Sonic Stage on the PC and started loading tunes. And completely forgot to check to see if they had installed the latest firmware, which was the reason I'd sent mine in in the first place.

Omelet for lunch, watched an episode of The Daily Show from last week, then went over to Janice's and spent the afternoon finishing up our work at dear departed Steve's apartment. I filled three boxes with computer wires from his closet - the computer room closet was knee-deep in a tangle of network cable, USB cables, AC power adapters, nework hubs and their adapters, audio and video cables, TV coax, and wrapping paper & bows. Maybe 1/4 of the cables were still sealed in their original containers. The object was to get that all untangled and boxed up so Janice could open the closet door on the other side to get to Steve's file cabinet. I also scrubbed the disks on his Toshiba laptop, restored his IBM Thinkpad to its factory settings (which also re-partitions and formats the hard drive) and ran enough of the disk scrubber on his domain server to make the boot disk not boot up. Anyone who wants to install an OS on that system will have to re-partition the drive and format it.

Helped carry stuff downstairs and over to Janice's apartment about 100 yards away. Anything still in the apartment will be taken care of by an estate agent, who will go through everything and hold an estate sale. A realtor is due to come in later and make the condo ready for sale. 

After we were done schlepping boxes, Janice took me out to dinner at Fresh Choice. After I took her home we called it a day.

One of the rewards for all the work is I was given Steve's palmtop computer - an HP iPAQ hx4700. I was able to get my laptop to recognize it over bluetooth, but it still needs work. I am not a big fan of palm computers, but at least this one has Windows on it, so I'm not completely lost. I also have a fold-out keyboard for it which will help. It's a nice toy, maybe it will become useful over time.

Time to wrap this up and go home. Want to play with the music toy. And maybe make hotel reservations for my UK trip. I've decided not to go to Edinburgh, ironically because the Fringe Festival is on. I would love to spend a week seeing Fringe shows, but this close to the event most of the hotels are sold out, and those which aren't have $300+ a night price tags. Part of this is a horrible exchange rate, but another part is Edinburgh population doubles in August for the festival, and affordable hotels are hard to find under the best conditions. So it looks like I will stop in Glasgow instead, and go to Inverness from there. Then straight to London from there. The only alternative would be to skip Cardiff, but now that I've seen most of the Dr. Who series one episodes, I can't really do that, can I? 


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