Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Hydration Day

Forgot to have breakfast, went to the supermarket and bought bananas, and since a whole watermelon was $6 and a bowl of cut up ones was $5 I bought a whole one.

All beverages except Gatorade was on sale 3-fer - you had to buy three to get the discount. So I bought 3 apple juice lights & 3 Canada dry zero sugar ginger ales. Gatorade 8-packs were $2 off so I got 2. And 2 half gallons of milk.

Blue Bunny ice cream was on sale, but they had no chip mint so I bought banana split. Tried it when I got home and it's okay. Also stocked up on small frozen meals and some salad stuff.

Very windy and hot, like a blast furnace.

Home, it took a while to put things away because I ran out of places to put things.

Finally had breakfast for lunch. By the time I got the PC on all but one streamer was done for the day, and the one storm chaser was done soon after.

Caught up on the news, watched an episode of Catfish.

Dinner salad and Mac & meat sauce while watching The Masked Singer. I actually had seen some of the two episodes but not all the way because the over the air signal was horrible. This time I'm watching on YouTube TV.

Watermelon for dessert. It took about 8 quart bags for the cut up melon. Ate one bagful.

Nothing delivered.

Streamed the hummingbird feeder all day (saw a red crested finch) , then did my personal stream at 7:30-8:30.

Plugged in the car, long drive to Urology tomorrow. And long drive to ophthalmology Tuesday.

I'm thinking Wednesday to go to the strip, ride the monorail and maybe visit Fremont Street. Long overdue.

Looked for tickets to Penn & Teller but there are no good seats for a month. Fantasy Luxor still wants you to buy in pairs or groups. :-(

Plans for tomorrow:
Read news, watch streams
Long drive to Urology
The rest depends on how badly the doctor hurts me.

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