Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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The company I sent a message to about screen doors replied early this morning, but the estimate sounded like it was for a combo glass and screen door. So I called. She explained it was not glass, just screen, but the kind you might use with a sliding glass door. Or a swinging wooden door. I asked if I could see one she said she would be there till 3 and gave me the address. Not too far, in Henderson and it sounded like the same street my Nissan dealer was on. Well it was, sort of, a few miles on the other side of the highway.

Receptionist is showgirl tall and has searchlight  hazel eyes.

Got there after noon, had to park a block away because idiots kept parking in the middle of the road to that building.

Receptionist showed me the sample door, pointed out the various features. FAR superior to the junk Sin City Screens installed. Made an appointment to have my doors measured Monday afternoon. 4-6 weeks to get the materials and do the installation. $675. Yikes.

Home, Spook hid under the bed a lot today, Maam was all over the office and livingroom.

Watched a couple of storm chaser in SD not find storms.

Hot Bench on Tivo and Masked Singer and Catfish on Amazon Fire.

Had a lie-down around 4:30. Slept for half an hour.

Wor won ton soup for lunch, shrimp in lobster sauce for dinner.

Streamed for half an hour.

Streamed the hummingbird feeder - refilled all 4 feeders - what I thought were goldfinches are actually these things verdins. And the other not-hummingbirds of the feeder appear to be common European house sparrows.

No more food in an hour.

Plans for tomorrow:
11 am fasting blood test at Quest Labs
3 pm Sin City removes the crap screen door from the carport entry

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