Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Lots of deliveries

Some of these were early subscriptions some were not:
4 hanging house plants [from Walmart]
Leopard pattern faux satin bed sheet set [Amazon]
2x jugs of Downy "Calm" softener [Amazon sub]
2x packets of algae wafers [Az]
2x packets of bottom feeder fish treats [Az]
5x readers [Az]

More stuff coming:
Music themed Hawaiian style shirts 4x (overseas instagram vendor)
Phone case (overseas etsy vender)
Snow Leopard pattern faux satin bed sheet set  [Macy's] 
Cat treats, scoopfree litterbox refills, Purina 1 kibble (Az subs]
Poppycock caramel popcorn [Az]
Modern hummingbird feeder [overseas instagram vendor]
But all that was after staying in bed till 10 because fasting blood tests at 11.

4 pm un-installer arrived for his 2 pm appointment and removed the broken screen door in 5 minutes.

Watched some streamers

Frozen meal for lunch. Forgot I had a month's Chinese food in the fridge

Egg flower soup & moo shoo porl for dinner. Watermelon followed by ice cream for dinner

Watched the Masked Singer smemi-finals. Definitely rigged.

Watched 2 episodes of Catfish, one of which ended like a fairy tale. Shy cute boy meets assertive gorgeous girl out of his league and they fall in love and move in together.

Dropped 3 algae wafers into the tank, all the fish like them. Loaches battled cory cats and lyretails for them.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe some bird photography

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