Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Lots of waiting

Midnight put the American flag in its holder outside without the Peace Corps flag. (June 14 = Flag Day)
Up and out of bed with the alarm. Took the last of the recycleds and trash out to the bins and wheeled the bins out to the curb. Last night's bulk garbage pile had already been collected.

Set up the bird camera again, but very few birds came by today. No hummers at all.

No one was streaming from my follow list, and there wasn't much when I browsed.

Streamed the bird feeder all day, used it as a spotter scope for the Nikon.

1-3 pm ClearView screen doors guy never showed up. Phoned his cell at 3:30, he didn't have me on his list. Nothing I could do today because the office closes at 3.

Garbage wasn't collected till 3:45. Recycleds around 12:30

Miki thought she would be here early, but traffic was wall to wall accidents so she got here around 5:30. Sooooo very good to see her and get a hug! Spook is scared of her and went to hide under the bed.

She came prepared as requested and trimmed Maam's claws. First with the clipper and then with the grinder. Maam was the opposite of cooperative. But Miki had a tube of tuna treat to distract the cat. Maam slurped that stuff up. I should get some.

We chatted till almost 8, time for Miki to go and time for BASFA Zoom meeting. 2 new young visitors, both fit right in.

Lots of deliveries from Amazon. Subscription day. More coming tomorrow and Thursday.

There's a load of jeans shorts in the washer. Will put them in the dryer in the morning when it's not 86°. It got up to 110 at the airport, 114 in my yard.

One more episode of Catfish -it ended in True Love. Wow.

PTI is too out of sync on Amazon Fire to watch. I'll watch it on the PC or maybe load YTTV directly on the TV set.

Watched The Bachelorette. She's an idiot. She sent one phony home, then the class clown "Motivational Speaker" aka the guy who never shuts up, tells her he thinks not 100% of the guys are there for the right reason, he has no name and no actual evidence, and she has a meltdown, instead of just showing him the door. The other guys are ready to kill him.

Plans for tomorrow:
Reschedule the screen door measurement
More bird photos
Albertson's run

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