Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Snack Attack

My binge snack food shopping has caught up with me. Delivered from Target today were two jars of mixed nuts, from Amazon a tin of Poppycock peanuts & caramelized popcorn. This is after I had gone grocery shopping and come back with a whole watermelon and 8 banana nut muffins. Also from Amazon was a really nifty organic peanut butter stirrer. It mixed the oil & butter in my latest jar of chunky PNB in about 3 minutes. Not a lot of work needed. With a fork or spoon we would be looking at 20 minutes.

Last night Spook kept me company until about 5 am, stalked Maam for a bit then came back and purred in my ear at about 7.

I turned the Nikon on at about 9, maybe earlier and got some shots of a hummingbird. Yay. But I need more and that was the only one today. Very hot today, but not much wind.

Maam seems disoriented after Miki's visit and claw trimming. She has been parking herself in the middle of the rug instead of climbing onto chairs.

After breakfast I went to Albertson's for bananas, greens, milk and mint chip ice cream. Looked for frozen avocado chunks but there were none. Also no peanuts in the shell. This is not a big baseball town. Walked in without a mask, and shopped without it. Did not realize until I was in line for the cashier, and saw everyone wearing masks. Technically the state has removed the mask rule, but they allow businesses to make their own requirement.

The cold stuff went into my Walmart insulated bag with an ice pack I put in at home. Got a whole watermelon which I eventually cut into wedges and put in ziplock bags in the fridge. Two bags worth for a late lunch, not as sweet as the last melon.

Called Clearview to find out why the installer didn't have me on his list yesterday. The receptionist did not find me on the system. Apparently she never pressed "save" after I left. We got the info into the system and the installer will be out Friday between noon and 2 pm. She remembered me when I mentioned my Thai hat. Oops.

Watched an episode of Catfish. Watched PTI on the PC, then tried on the Amazon Fire but the lip sync was so bad I reported bad playback.

Also watched the last episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht,  which was the best one ever. Their charter company gave a motor yacht crew the gift of a 1-day charter on the sailboat, and the two sets of yachties hit it off spectacularly. The chef made meals which she would have made for the charter which canceled, and the guest crew was blown away by how good it was. They also were jazzed by the sails. Four of the crew, including the chef, were hired for the crossing to bring the boat back to Spain from Croatia. They showed snippets from each day of the 5-day trip.

Also delivered from Target were some actual Band Aids (Curads just don't hack it anymore).

Ate some toffee-coconut cashews and Poppycock and one banana nut muffin.

Streamed the bird feeder all day, then at 7:45 streamed my face for an hour. Several listeners, one reminded me to turn on my mic.

Listening to LVFD scanner, lots of activity. Casinos and their bars and restaurants are now fully open, so lots of EMT calls. Hard Rock Cafe opened yesterday and got a call this morning.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get up early (sunrise is about 6 am, so maybe the waking up to take a leak close to then will be a full wake-up).
Try for hummingbird pix maybe till 10
Take the Nikon off the tripod, load a fresh battery and re-attach the sling, grab the water bottle from the freezer and go to the bird viewing preserve.

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