Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Hot hot hot but did get some photos

Major cat fight noise at 1:30 am. Maam ended up on the bed curled up under my arm. Spook was not pleased. There was room on the other side for her too but she was not interested, because Maam does not share.

Up an hour early, breakfast, took my Nikon off the tripod, put in a fresh battery, screwed in the shoulder strap, grabbed a bottle of ice water and drove to the bird preserve.

Only stayed for about half an hour because it was too hot and none of the benches along the trails are in the shade. Most of the birds stayed i the trees, but I did get a good dragonfly pic, and the tortoise was out of its burrow, and I got a couple of shots of a large lizard. While there Urology called with a date for the biopsy, I asked her to email me.

Photos here.

Home, watermelon for lunch while watching Superman & Lois.

Not much going on online, loaded the dishwasher and ran it, but a serving spoon snagged the lower sprayer and almost nothing got clean. I'm running it again.

Checked my calendar, the biopsy date would not work. Got a new date a month away. Boo hiss. Made a motel reservation in the area for the night before and the day of. Plan is to take a taxi to the clinic and back.

Watched Catfish and PTI. Tried to see it on the TV but the Samsung doesn't know about the YTTV app. I should check for updates.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch the 9 am SpaceX launch
Leave at 10 for my 11:20 endo appointment

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