Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Tropical fish, Maam is getting worse, almost rained

Maam spent all of last night on the floor of the shower. She bolted when I turned the water on - crawled under the bed. Spook clued me in to Maam's location by making bird dog poses outside the bathroom door. Happily, Spook did not go in and stalk her.

Morning, phoned youngest sister to sing happy birthday to her and ask how it felt to have the President make your birthday a national holiday.

Edit add: Found my Garmin GPS, since the Nissan's TomTom GPS has no setting to avoid freeways I figured maybe give it a try. Charged the battery, hooked it up to the PC and did all the upgrades. Last time I used it was on my August 2019 trip here house hunting.

MyRadar app was showing blips of green, and a 10% chance of rain. If it rained it never reached the ground. :-(

Pulled a dead gourami out of the tank, decided it was time, so off to Trop and bought 3 opaline gourami females, three small angel fish and a glob of moss.

Home, Maam was back in the shower so I went in, picked her up and carried her gently into the area which has the food and water. She ignored the food but drank a lot. When I put out some of her favorite Sheba wet food she ignored it too. She planted herself in the middle of the kitchen floor. And did not move when I went into the kitchen for stuff.

I watched some streams on Twitch, set up the hummingbird cam, which had been moved during the power outage. The outage also turned off my PC speaker bar, and I had to prime to aquarium pump as well.

When I sat in the aquarium TV chair Spook eventually jumped up onto my lap and then the arm of the chair and let me pet her, till she decided she wanted to climb the steps to the lookout tower instead.

Watermelon for lunch while watching Bar Rescue, Maam sat in front of the recliner facing away from me. Spook passed nearby for food and water and ignored her.

Maam eventually stumbled slowly to the office floor, her arthritis seems to be hurting her a lot in her hips. She flattened herself on the floor, after a while she moved to her spot behind the small freezer.

Back to the TV and more Bar Rescue while I had a salad and a PNB&J sandwich. That PNB stirrer worked great! Next was a bit of an episode of Vanderpump Overserved.  It's an acquired taste-less.

My next pee break Maam led me back to the bedroom, but when I went into the bathroom she crawled under the bed. I closed the lid on the toilet and closed the shower doors just in case.

Texted Miki to let her know about the vet appointment.

Nothing delivered today. Phone cover tomorrow.

Changed the litterbox cartridge and put the used one in the trash. Also put the kitchen garbage in the bin and a lot of recycleds. Will collect all the trash bags maybe tomorrow night since I may not be back from the vet Monday before pickup.

Plans for tomorrow:
watch some Twitch streams
Skype with J
Keep an eye on Maam
Maybe go to Winco

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