Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I'm taking the 5th

Maybe I was wrong about the dosages. Could be the Ozempic put the insulin into high gear. Today 100 in the morning and 100 at 8 pm:
8:20 am 239
10:32 am 188
3:30 pm 212
8 pm 185
11 pm 184

This is way too high. Tomorrow I'll go back to 165/100

Palm stayed in her hole all day but let me pet her when I reached inside. Spook has been kind of needy. I took a nap at around 5 and she was on the bed with me. In the stuffed chair in front of the aquarium she jumped onto my lap a couple of times then parked on the side table.

I spent some time with aquascaping, hiding the air tubing, pulling some anacharis plants from the floating mass and planting them, burying the air stone so it looks like the bubbles are coming from the sand. And moving all the ornaments a bit so they are more spaced out.

Quiet day. A couple of storm chasers a day too soon for the FL landfall of Elsa.

Watched the 6 am news on Channel 3. No Hot Bench or PTI today. Found The Republic of Sarah, season ending episode. Not so bad. Mediocre cast, spotty writing, predictable directing. Good idea, though.

BASFA meeting was fun. One new guy and two returning newbies.

Ordered another Sonos speaker for the kitchen.

Sold all the shares in a mutual fund which keeps losing value, and withdrew about half the amount less 12% for the IRS so I can pay for some more home improvements.

On Tivo Below Deck Med, the stews are super-hot, so is the lead deck hand (boson? Mate?) but the chef is a piece of work. Great cook but as skittish as a rescue cat. While I was watching Palm came out of her hole, but she hid under the microwave cart when she saw me, then ran back into her hole. Boo hiss.

Garbage collection was a FAIL - recycled bin was only partially emptied and the truck ran up onto the gravel which is my yard. Regular trash was not collected till about 3 pm. It was about 110F when I brought the bins in. But I'm getting acclimated.

And Palm is out and about again. Yay! I may change her name to Moon Unit.

Plans for tomorrow:
Back on plan with U-500
Quest for hematology blood tests
Maybe endo doc will call  because I left a nastygram on their voicemail

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