Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

La dee dah

Not working today. Spent the morning setting things up on the Pocket PC inherited from Steve. Got 5.0 OS loaded, put my own photos into the calendar screen saver, connected to my home wireless net and bluetooth on both the PC and the cell phone. Installed the maps program and whatever maps were available for the South Bay, SF and places I'm going tin England. Also converted a bunch of music files for the walkman, and am running a batch script to convert my mp3's into WMA's for the Pocket PC. Bought a 1GB SD card yesterday, and plugged that into the Pocket PC. Set up email, too, though I wish it had a filter capability - I get too much spam, and batch deletion is awkward on this thing.

It's a pretty neat toy - can do email, and I've bought a BlueTooth keyboard on ebay, so I think instead of lugging my laptop all over England I'll just take this with me instead.

Time to get dressed and outside.

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