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The Rest of the Utah Story

One of the nice things about the trip is I was treated to lunch both days on site. The group I was working with is very close-knit, they carpool to lunch together daily, and rotate on who picks up the tab. Day 1 we went to a San Francisco sourdough pizza place which was kind of a trip, because there were all these photos of SF inside, and half a foot of snow outside. Good pizza, though. Day 2 was billed as the Mongolian BBQ place, which turned out to be a HUGE Chinese buffet, with a Mongolian BBQ as the first station. I wish there was a place like that around here.

Day 2 started with finishing the configuration of the server, and making it play video to the local gateway. It still would not play on the PC, but I chalked that up to a network issue of which they were already aware. The afternoon was spent training two of the engineers.

These are very busy guys, and they are so constantly on their cell phone that their company gave them Windows-based phones with bluetooth support, and very expensive wireless ear gadgets. Little U-shaped things which wrap around the ear and have a piece which fits inside the ear. I'd be jealous except it meant they were always on the leash.

With a light snow still coming down steadily, and weather forecasts of temps dropping below freezing, I decided to make 4 pm my exit time, which gave me 90 minutes to make the drive to SLC, which had taken 45 minutes in clear weather. I was also factoring in rush hour.

Turns out rush hour in Salt Lake City is a joke. They slow down to 75 mph. I-15, the N-S interstate, is between 4 and 6 lanes each way, but traffic load really only needed 3 lanes, tops, by Bay Area (sub)standards.

Temps stayed above freezing, the roads were wet but clear, and I was at the gate an hour before boarding time. The plane was only half full, but I was one of the "lucky" people to be in a full row, and behind a bozo who kept his seat all the way back. One thing about Delta is the planes I was on were 6 seats across, and the seats are significantly narrower than my shoulders, and if the person in front of you has his seat back, forget about using your tray table. Good thing the flight was only an hour and a half.

Back at work Friday, I discovered the reason for the video not playing on the PC. It was a wrong setting in one of my config files. I'd been given the wrong info. So I emailed the customer how to fix it, and the last I heard they were trying to play video on their set top boxes. Monday I'll have to ask if it worked.

In other news, the Seahawks did it again. Snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Time to fire the coach, I think.

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