Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Taking care of business

My FICO score has been dropping, and the clue was too much potential credit for my income. So I closed my Quicken card account which I have not used since the first month when ironically it did not support direct downloading into Quicken. And I closed a "what's in your wallet" card which had run out of its trial 0% interest period. While I was at it I closed my California EBT (food stamps) account because I have not been eligible for that dole for more than a year and some hacker site keeps sending me phishing email claiming CA has put more $$ in the account.

A long time techie FB friend posted a picture of his new, bigger monitor in his home office, and it also showed a keyboard and mouse which looked great. Did some research and discovered the keyboard is listed in top 5 for typing as well as gaming, and if I replace my keyboard I also need to replace my mouse, so the matching mouse looked good. Way more expensive than I had planned, but the new job will mean a lot of keyboard time, so...

it's on order. The mouse too.

Also ordered more napkins. I like the Vanity Fair big double ply.

Ate the last of the free breakfasts - cheese omelet on a waffle. Lox for lunch. Salad followed by Church's chicken for dinner. No more free meals on hand. Discovered that frozen yogurt scoops better if left at room temperature for 10 minutes.

Twitter was showing a log line of Raiders fans outside the stadium, but the game is not listed on Tivo anywhere. Turns out to be just a practice.

Watched women's handball. It is not what I expected. Handball to me is two people hitting a tennis sized soft rubber ball against a wall, with basically the same rules as racquetball. But this was field hockey with a dodgeball and hands instead of sticks. Weird. Or water polo without the water.

Throughout the Olympics there is a still photographer who has consistently turned in outstanding photos from action to human interest. He works for the LA Times which unfortunately has a paywall, but they have a $1 for 6 months special right now. His name is Robert Gauthier.

Best photographer since my late, great UW Daily & Seattle P-I friend, Grant Haller.

Jade has been very vocal today. She almost let me pick her up.

The pulse oxymeter was in the mailbox, and it looks great but has a defective data port so it is useless. Sent them a message.

Hauled a lot of big boxes out to the curb. Will do the bins in the morning

Also tomorrow need a to make a quick perishables and soft foods run.
And watch the Olympics closing ceremony & 90 Day Fiance.
And I expect a call from my recruiter.

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