Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Monday was derailed by [TMI]

Up at 2 am Sunday, spent a lot of time on the can, shuffled between there and the kitchen for meds, and watched some trashy reality TV in small doses between trips.

Finally asleep around 4:30.

Out of bed at 8:30 to take the garbage out, back to bed then up at 10 again but there were a few adventures with methane first.

Watched Love Island  finale, the four couples were rated by the fans, and the fans chose 4-3-2-1 exactly as I would have. The last piece of the game is each person in the#1 couple chooses an envelope. One has $100,000 in it, the other 0. The person who draws the $$ has to decide whether to keep it all and send the other one home with nothing, or split it. The last time I saw this show, the guy kept it, he had no interest in the relationship outside of the show. This time they split it. He said it was the only answer. Yay. Also a very big change from last seasons is all 4 final couples, all 8 people, became close friends, they were all happy with the results. Three of the 4 couples had plans to stay together after the show was done, one couple was going to see if they could figure out a NY-OR LDR.

Expedition Unknown was a Project®. Josh traveled to Panama, UK and Germany and offered $100 to couples he found on the street who could answer a question about pirates. Get one right, get $100. The second one is worth $150. The third one is $500 but it's double or nothing - get it wrong and lose what you've already been given. They were good multiple choice questions, and many correct guesses. I knew the answer to all of them, but it was not easy - the wrong answers were mostly plausible.


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