Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

First day of work training & Jade poop

But first checking Humana pharmacy to see if I still could order Lantus, the One Touch test strips showed up, three weeks late, because they had sent the request to my former doctor. Idiots. I called ands set them straight, which I should not have had to do because new PCP's name and clinic is on the official Humana card they sent me in time for August 1. It will still take a week or two to get the test strips**.

Poked around the guest room with a flashlight again, no sign of Jade++.  I know she's in there, but the food looked untouched. Hard to tell with the kibble tower.

First of two work training zoom sessions scheduled for 2-5, started on time, and after introductions was mostly a video recording done the other day by two of the bosses. It showed the spreadsheet they use to schedule events and assign them to us. Very primitive, but it sends everyone their next week assignments by email, so not too shabby. Then there was a customer by customer run down of what kind of services we provide to each of them, and how to contact them if there are problems with their streams. NDA says I can't name them, but let's just say you would recognize most of those big players. In most cases each customer owns streaming rights to all the sports teams in their city. One of them is in Europe, so there will be a lot of late night/early morning work especially soccer and cricket. Boss says he has a limit of 40 hours a week per contractor, and we will always work in pairs. Hopefully at first we will be paired with experienced employees.

But we still don't know how to actually do the job.  Maybe that will come Friday during part 2.

Meanwhile I still don't have a login to enter my time with the agency. So I sent email to payroll asking for that. None of the other contractors had any problem, they all have a different rep than me.

Boss ran half an hour over time.

Razer support sent another delay tactic message, which of the two items I bought from them am I returning? I was clear in all my messages it was just the keyboard. PIA

Delivered: **test strips from Amazon. Enough to last till Humana's arrive.

New program (for me) on Tivo - Dinosaur Hunters. Cowboys in Montana, Wyoming & Arizona hunt for fossils - hopefully whole skeletons - to help pay for their bankrupt ranches. Land rich but cash poor. It is quite the disconnect listening to those good ol' boys when they find the nose horn of a triceratops. And they have learned more than just basic geology and archeology.  Though one couple hired a world class fossil hunter to find the mastodons left behind 90 years ago when a Denver university ripped grandpa off.

++Went looking for Jade again. Did not find her, but she left a pile of poop on the blue bath mat which Spook liked to lie on. Transferred the poop to the litter box. I think I kn ow where she is hiding, but I would have to remove a shelf full of LPs and 78s which help stabilize the rack I think she is behind.

Woke up yesterday with my big toe bleeding. Washed it off and saw several toes had slashes. I wonder if Spook played with my feet while I was sleeping. Big band aid hides the evidence.

Plans for tomorrow:
2 pm dermatologist appointment. May ask to see a doctor, because the NP has failed.
I probably should take my foot to urgent care.


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