Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Tired Tuesday

Only 7:30 and I wanna go to bed

Up at 6. Played on the tablet till the 8 am wakeup automation.

After shower, took off the big toe band aid, swabbed the toe with betadine, put on a new band aid.

Banana breakfast

Scanned the utterly predictable news. My heart goes out to NOLA and its neighbors. I hope the contractors who used cheap materials and untrained labor to build those transmission towers and hospital roofs come to an untimely end.

Delivered: three of the button-down shirts. Allegedly 18 3/4 but my tummy says 17. Also delivered later: two of 5 pocket t-shirts. Will try one on tomorrow.

And the 24" "some assembly required" computer desk showed up, it was indeed easy to assemble. Pretty sturdy. Folded up the 48" camp table and set it aside.

And the aquarium thermometers arrived, but they are too small to read from more than a foot away. And I think the water is warmer by 3 or 4 degrees. Will try again. Maybe a trip to Trop is in order? No, I'd come back with fish. There are too many in the tank already, especially now that they have grown.

Jade has decided she will only come out for canned food. But once out she will chomp on all the foods and maybe drink some water.

Good Skype with J.

Watched 90 Day Fiance singles, and the corresponding pillow talk.

Below Deck Med once again had a major medical emergency. Idiot chef grabbed a flaming baking sheet with his bare hand and flung it into the sink. Burned three fingers badly, enough to call the doctor.  The replacement stew turns out to be a deck hand with zero stew experience. Capt. Sandy did not do her due diligence and put chief stew in a bind.

Salad and lasagna for dinner, and orange sherbet.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work Zooms at 2 and 4. Training and routine meeting with all the company's people who do the same job
Try on a t-shirt
Get the turntable into its battered box.

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