Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Off Day

Usually there is NFL football on Sundays, but I didn't want to pay the extra $ for all the games when I'm only interested in a couple. Watched some bad college game.

Nothing on Tivo. Weird, there's supposed to have been - oh wait, those are Monday nights now. Teasers in Twitter throw me off.

Delivered - the stick-on aquarium thermostat with replaceable battery. And the record cleaner kit. Just a brush and some spray. But it was what I needed.

Goldwave does not support playing audio as it records, at least not on my PC so I am using Audacity, which is ugly but turns out to be easy and does play the audio.

Jade was up at 1 am and 4 am chomping on kibble. I was up taking a leak both times. Spook was at Jade's door at 4, but is too fluffy to fit under there. Jade may be able to.

I had a tough time sleeping because I had a flash of inspiration, and kept composing lyrics. After breakfast I opened up the word processor and created this:

Maskmaker, Maskmaker
Howard Stateman
Maskmaker, Maskmaker, make me a mask
Bind it with loops
Maybe a clasp
Maskmaker, Maskmaker, look in your book
And make me a perfect mask

Maskmaker, Maskmaker, don’t need a veil
Those plastic shields
Make me look pale
Glue on some bling ‘cause I’m longing to be
The envy of all I see

For Mama, make it a doctor’s
For Poppa, make it N-95
For me, well, I wouldn’t holler
As long as it’s helping me stay alive

Maskmaker, Maskmaker, make me a mask
Bind it with loops
Maybe a clasp
Night after night in the dark I’m alone
So make me a mask of my own

Maskmaker, Maskmaker, you know that I’m
Not very young
Don’t take your time
In this pandemic I misunderstood
That I could be sick, for good

Dear maker, make it feel gentle
Remember it’s a jungle outside
This whole thing Is making me mental
And I’m frankly terrified

Maskmaker, Maskmaker, draw up some plans
I’m in a rush, maybe I’ve learned
Though I’ve been shot twice I still could get burned
So cover my nose, don’t block my eyes
Steam up my glasses, don’t compromise
Just make me a perfect mask.

The filk community was very kind to me when I posted it.

Breakfast was 2/3 of a Jack in the Box croissandwich. Kind of stale and too strong a flavor. Fruit bowl for lunch. Skipped dinner - the Ozempic is working.

Quality time with Jade was not a success. I topped off her kibble tower, but she freaked out when the bag made crinkling noises. I was trying to close it. She also doesn't seem to love the flavor of canned food I opened this morning.

Started recording LPs. The hootenanny one was okay, turns out there is another somewhere in the pile I'll get to later. Set aside some which I already transfered from CD. Gigi, is one. Also setting aside the movie version of Camelot because it sucks, and I have the OBC one on CD. I recorded Bravo Bikel  long ago. Today's victims included a whole LP of tango music, a Steve & Edie album, perhaps the worst version of highlights from Porgy & Bess ever made (I looked up the lead singers and they were understudies for a couple of the 27 revivals). I was surprised at the high quality of the Sing Along With Mitch album. Columbia records. All male chorus, very barber shop-like.

Why is a neighbor playing Mariachi music way too loud?
Plans for tomorrow:
More recording. We seem to have every Alan Sherman LP ever made. I'll filter out the ones I had CDs of. There are a couple of spoken word Catskills comedians LPs. Lots of Gypsy music.
Not a good weekend to go to tourist places.


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