Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Had a nice afternoon

Took myself to Santa Cruz. I hatehatehatehate Hwy 17, and it's worse than ever what with potholes everywhere and re-paving about half done in some spots, and the widening of Laurel Curve. And drivers are still as insane as ever.

But the eye candy is worth it. School's out, and the Boardwalk was jammed with scantily-clad nymphettes. It was also flooded with kids in bright solid-color T-shirts with school and camp logos.

Had a lovely shrimp & crab louie at Ideal, which use to be called something Piratical, as I recall, it's the outdoor cafe on the corner by the wharf. I keep confusing it with Zelda's in Capitola.

Walked the beach twice, then went to Pacific Mall and camped out at the Starbucks. Their wi-fi is hosed - I was only able to connect with the pocketPC, and only indoors. The laptop refused to show the connection. I was tempted to go down the street where there's a cafe which has wireless, but by that time I figured I may as well head over the hill.

While I was in transit, my new start date was quasi-confirmed by both the contract company and the hiring manager, but I'll believe it when I have a badge. Also in email and voicemail was a plea from the first company which had interviewed me to call because they really wanted me to hear their offer. It would have to be mind-blowing for me to say yes because:

1. I've already started the other job
2. The other job is a 5-minute bicycle ride from home (as opposed to a 20-minute freeway commute)
3. The other job is in exactly the leading edge product line I've been doing for the past 2 years (as opposed to one I sort of did 7 years ago and is ancient tech)

It was 85 when I left Santa Cruz, which is amazing for evening - usually it fogs in around 1:30. Took a dip in the pool when I got home, that felt good. Water was very warm.

I have Thursday off. Will try to get prescriptions written by the new doctor, so I can mail order. Blue Cross has this funky deal where if you mail order 3 months' worth of meds with their designated online pharmacy, you only pay 2 co-pays. Retail has a limit of one month supply, and the only pharmacy they like in my area is Walgreen's which is decidedly inferior.

Not sure what else I'll do tomorrow. Bike ride? Catch a movie?


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