Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Sunday, better than Saturday, but not much

Spook must have thought I was alright because she did not join me on the bed. I was still getting up too often, but not as bad as the previous night.

Once again I surprised Jade sitting in the middle of the room, and she ran from me at first but then came back to get petted, and then made a beeline for the canned food.

Later I put a Ring camera in her room, hoping to get a view of her hiding space, but did not have a good place for it. A light went on eventually, and I moved a stool over behind the door, and aimed the camera to see her space and the litterbox and enough of the floor to see if she hides behind the chair. Ring also hides some of the features for a few hours, so it was a while before I could set up recording when motion was sensed. That's now working too well, I had to lower the frequency of checking. And weirdly enough, it tags Jade as a person. Since it's basically a security cam, they have a separate setting for only recording people. As in people stealing things from your porch.

It rained yesterday enough to spark the sage bush into full bloom, so I went out front with the Nikon and snapped some pix of pretty little yellow butterflies and honeybees having sex with it.

Full photo set is here: https://www.flickr.com/.../how3ird/albums/72157719823139884

Overcame procrastination and opened the package of LP dividers. The albums are all in the rack now, divided by musicals, Allan Sherman, miscellaneous, classical, and Jewish. And I also have a section for records which are not worth recording since the music is available on CDs and/or MP3s online.

As I recorded albums, I placed them in a "done" section. LPs which were defective (there were several) also went in that section. Now I am done. I plan to Goodwill them all, and maybe spend a few bucks on Amazon to download MP3s of any music I don't already have. I just got the real soundtrack highlights of Five Pennies, it cost about $8. The parental album was a sham instrumental but using the genuine cover photo.

The Jewish albums were very disappointing, they were all vehicles for cantors who wanted to make some $ and be known beyond their Flatbush synagogues. Out of half a dozen LPs there were maybe 4 unique tunes. Everyone sang the same things. The singing was generally good, and the production okay, but there are only so many times I want to hear Eli Eli or Raisins and Almonds ["Rozhinkes mit Mandlen"].  IMHO the best of the Jewish albums was the Barry Sisters, which unfortunately had a couple of defective tracks. They produced about 2300 CDs so I can get 2299 covers of My Yiddishe Momma online.
I'm hearing good things about a movie called Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and it turns out to be playing up the street at Sam's Town's Century cinema. Almost went today but Sunday is child bait, so I got a ticket for tomorrow's only 3D show. 3:40 pm, which should be done in time to be fashionably late for the mobile home park's MNF party. I will miss BASFA.

Watched the Seahawks game on Tivo, fast forward is my friend. Both teams have a lot of work to do, the Colts need receivers who can run routes and catch the ball, Seattle needs to order prescription lenses for their defense, who are easily fooled by "play action" - the idiot media's term for faking a pass and handing it to a runner. Originally it meant a play which the QB could choose to pass or run, but most QBs are not good decision makers.

Also watched Dino Hunters, which resulted in a beautifully reconstructed T-Rex skull and a couple of huge mastodon tusks, with more to come from 2 other digs.

Breakfast was a banana sliced into some crunchy PNB. Snacks for lunch, dinner was a FAIL I was too lazy to make a salad and the Winco sushi was horrible. Not fresh.

Plans for tomorrow:
Apples & PNB for breakfast because the bananas need a day or 2 to get ripe
Watch some football - probably Green Bay at NOLA
Go to the movies
Monday Night Football & BBQ at the main clubhouse

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