Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another sleepus interruptus and chaotic training zoom session

It was another night of lots of getting up to pee, Spook kept me company. Raccoons under the house sounded like they were banging against the stand-offs, maybe playing hockey. LOUD bangs and pops.

Temporarily up at 6 with low Hgl, decided to have some ice cream and watch what I expected to be the horrible end of the Raiders game. But a few miracles happened, and they forced overtime then won on a "mail Harry" pass. That's like a hail Mary, except there's only one receiver and one defender. That put me in a better mood to try sleeping again.

Stayed in bed for as long as I could - 9:30. Went to bed too early, maybe 10:30.

Feeling out of it, did not quite finish the sliced banana and PNB breakfast as I researched routers. My fancy Netgear Nighthawk X8, AC5000 Smart Wi-Fi Router which I have had since early 2018 has been dropping offline for no apparent reason lately. Twice this week. Cannot have that with working from home.

It took many web searches, I finally ordered a TP-Link AX6000 WiFi 6 Router which has great reviews several places. Did not go for the newer 6600 because it only has 4 LAN ports, the 6000 has 8 plus a WAN port. The NetGear has a pair of aggregated ports (my PC has 2 LAN connections) and 3 regular LAN ports. Delivery due tomorrow but I'll wait till I don't have work scheduled to install it.

Morning routine was interrupted because of an emergency water shut-off in the park. We are all on one water line, so any repairs shuts us all down. Insane.

Training zoom was messed up because they didn't put the link in the usual place, it was hidden in an Outlook calendar item. Once again, three contractors and three producers. They flailed away, no agenda, and instead of planning ahead and sending us email with the links they would use they put them in Zoom chat, which means we have to play back the recording if we want them. One more training session and a bi-weekly all-hands zoom tomorrow. Then finally a ride-along to see what the actual job is, Thursday. I'll miss one Friday due to dermatology surgery, and I'm not sure I want to go for the 2-10 pm one Sunday. Wore my Seahawks 12 T-shirt. 

Went online at Las Vegas Urology and asked for a 2nd opinion appointment at a clinic closer to home.

Tivo: 90 Day Fiance The Other Way Jenny finds she cannot get a missionary visa, hopefully she will pack it in and go back to America. Seattle woman went to Colombia ISO her cheating boyfriend. She has given up everything for love. Broke dork tried to give his fiance his sister's prom dress for the wedding. Finance tells her sisters they have actually been married for a year. WTF? Below Deck Med after-charter party and tour of the waterfall sees several people get falling-down drunk and verbally abusive. Chief stew sends home the wrong stewardess, Chef is not pleased.

Plans for tomorrow:
Wear my Raiders T-shirt
Call a pest control referral service about the raccoons
May get a call from LV Urology
Probably should cal my PCP and let them know I'm out of that prescription and may need more. Quest says the sample they sent was too contaminated to diagnose. I am not surprised.
Training from 2-4, event operators zoom 4-5
Lots of stuff on Tivo


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